Female passenger of rape of driver of Indian actor pace is sentenced lifelong imprisonment

According to Xinhua News Agency electric India court will announce 3 days on November 4, the Xifukumaeryadafu of actor pace driver that sentences rape passenger is lifelong

imprisonment, this also is the highest penalty that India goes in the light of forcible rape.

This rape case causes big range protest in India in those days, actor pace company also is made stop in Indian business.

Yadafu wears pane shirt 3 days, attend front courtyard careful. Judge Kaweilibaweigu announces on the court of locate Xin Deli: In view of case fact and evidence, I announce to sentence Xifukumaeryadafu strict and lifelong imprisonment. The month on Yadafu is maintained 4 accusation hold water, it is a rape respectively, hijack, threaten and injure another person. On case measurement of penalty, the outside predicts check just is met all the time from heavy demand.

Case hair last year December, an Indian woman of 25 years old uses actor pace software to take a taxi after dining together with the friend come home. In road, the woman is asleep, the heart gives birth to Yadafu malignity, drove car to outlying area to rape this woman. Investigate discovery, yadafu previous conviction, but had cheated with fake document examine, obtained actor pace driver to maintain.

Suffer case effect, actor pace company is made stop in Indian business. Actor pace strengthened the aptitude to the driver to examine subsequently, court cancel actor pace does business later ban.

The victim accuses Yadafu except shape, still be opposite in the United States to lodge a complaint of actor p

ace company, accuse enterprise of this United States fails to ensure the client is safe.

Lawyer Mishenla of Yadafu expresses, will mention in the high court appeal.

India rapes case frequency hair. According to data of bureau of archives of Indian country crime, india happened 36735 cases to violate case and nearly 340 thousand crime that are aimed at a female in all 2014.

(original title: India sentences case of rape of actor pace driver again)


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