Data of Syrian capital Damascus introduces panorama of city of bird's eye Damascus (graph)

Login register data of Damascus of capital of Syria of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to introduce panorama of city of bird's eye Damascus (graph) origin: ? ?2015-10-13 16:2 of  of discharge of swiftly Pi ⒅Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

The world's inhabited the old

est city, it is Mohammedan on the history the 4th the Holy City, the capital of dynasty of Ma Ya of Arabia empire an old name for Japan, the garden of so-called world, the heaven on the ground, for Syrian republic the biggest city is mixed today capital.

Damascus data introduces

Come thousands of years, damascus since conqueror, ever also was conquered, it is the center of contend of thing square powerful nation, destiny often related to distant city, mediterranean east bank and inland people feed in each period he grows, the people here already poor rich, inexorable before victory and disaster. Now is the big city of middle east.

Relevant news:

Camera lens records life of common people of city of the Damascus in flames of war

According to Russia media coverage, the civil war that lasts 5 years, had changed the face of city of Syrian capital Damascus greatly. The soldier of gun of the toll-gate with visible everywhere, carry on one's shoulder, building that is destroyed by gunfire, and the power cut cut off the water supply that come unexpectedly, the war that always reminding cruelty still is continueing.

Nevertheless, when flames of war is temporarily overblown, the city can restore the breath of the life immediately: Shop opens business manage, restaurant client is filled with the door, the Mohammedan girls of head veil are gone to before accompany of in twos and threes shop, choose the goods that admire in the heart. (Ning Yuan)

Local female citizen picks the clothes in costume market. (webpage cut pursues)

Before mosque sell citric boy. (webpage cut pursues)

Street female soldier, more typical army informal clothes is mixed build. (webpage cut pursues)

Street male soldier. (webpage cut pursues)

From the summit city of bird's eye Damascus. (webpage cut pursues)

Street be inspired b

y what one sees. (webpage cut pursues)

Old the city zone sells the small retailer of the balloon near a mosque. (webpage cut pursues)

Damascus city panorama pursues, still be lights brightly lit. (webpage cut pursues)

The government that urban street heroic bearing ofs material bearing army female soldier. (webpage cut pursues)

Erect has the armed Pi Ka of machine gun. (webpage cut pursues)

The male soldier of urban street. (webpage cut pursues)

Carry street barricade of sandbag build by laying bricks or stones on the back, the city is attacked prevent war undertaking everyday. (webpage cut pursues)

Damascus city. The blaze that fragmentary and visible explosion causes. (webpage cut pursues)

The one office market of old city, the client is filled with pupil enthusiasm flourishing. (webpage cut pursues)

The war remembers a wall: The relic step that uses the building that be destroyed by flames of war a wall. (webpage cut pursues)

A bakery in Damascus city. (webpage cut pursues)

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