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About TPP you must know these things

Zhou Yi, agreement of concern of associate

of economy of strategy of extensive Pacific Ocean (TPP) obtain materiality breakthrough, the 12 countries such as the United States are reached with respect to TPP consistent. What is TPP agreement? What country to include? Predestined relationship how about is this important? Is the agreement reached what to mean? What does this agreement mean to China? Website of wall street information passes 9 gist to nod, summed up TPP to need those known things for you.

What is 1.TPP agreement, include what country, dimensions why?

TPP agreement by American dominant, most before antedating 5 years, start. TPP negotiation forms by two much: It is the domain that 12 all negotiations such as regulation of intellectual property protection participate in a country to decide together; 2 it is such as the bilateral negotiation domain such as derate of custom duty of some kind of article. 12 negotiations country agrees to have free trade, unite a standard in the extensive field such as investment and intellectual property.

Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore are to participate in a country at first, after this, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Peruvian, Malaysia also is joined come in.

TPP participates in a country tot 12, add up the proportion that takes global economy is achieved 40% , exceed an European Union.

2.TPP is concerned with commerce not only, also related to ground fringe politics.

TPP often is considered as beautiful day to combine the agreement of China of keep within limits. Reach in TPP agreement after agreeing, aobama publishs a comment to say, TPP agreement will give American worker due equal right and chance, the United States does not allow the country such as China to write the regulation of global economy. TPP agreement will make economy of 21 centuries whole world be in the regulation of numerous domain.

Last week, aobama says, TPP is a such agreement, it can make each country adopts higher commerce standard, will promote economic growth. Pass TPP, the market can be in unlock while, return the power that can protect a worker and environment, make development can last more.

Of 3.TPP agreement reach, also mean deal of the free trade between the United States and Japan reach.

The United States and dimensions of Japanese economy system before listing the whole world 3, beautiful day had not reached bilateral trade agreement before this. Japan negotiates at joining TPP to speak 2013, this promoted beautiful day to wait for the alone dialog of much territory in car, beef, rice, pork. Barrier of trade of beautiful during the day will drop.

TPP agreement will make Japanese economy is mixed supply chain farther as shirt-sleeve as North America. TPP agreement is installed to Japanese premier times for Jinsan crucial. All the time since, an Beijin 3 express, TPP agreement conduces to the structured reform that Japan is badly in need of. Japanese structuralization reform increases stimulative Japan economy latent capacity.

4. China is not in TPP agreement, but future may.

Although TPP often is considered as the United States to hope to restrict Chinese agreement, but in recent years the United States just stands somewhat bate. China ever expressed to will pay close attention to the process of TPP closely. Personages of a lot of American business circles think, if TPP agreement wants to be fulfilled really, need more country join, especially China is joined.

5.TPP agreement will make trade agreement has new breakthrough on environment and labor standard.

Rose 2007, the United States is asked to discuss environment and labor issue in trade agreement. TPP lets relevant acceptance first can be able to fulfill, if cannot be walked on,face commerce sanction soon.

For example, TPP agreement conduces to reduce traffic to be in severe danger species, alleviate excessive catching problem. Malaysia, Vietnam wait for national general to must abide by clause of labour and capital. Employer cannot the passport of the worker that sequestered immigrant comes over, to their collection premium. In Vietnam, the government should give a worker more

freedom, allow to found the adversary of labor federation, enhance competition. In addition, TPP also has a demand to minimum wage.

6.TPP suffers controversy in ministry of country of a lot of members.

General election afoot of Canada, TPP agreement is one of topics that heat of the person that enter into an election contest discusses. TomMulcair of cacique of new the Democratic Party expresses, if the party of his place won general election, will not pursue TPP agreement.

TPP also gets in the United States powerful obstruct. Republic party within the party the person that vote precedes Telangpu makes known his position already clearly to will object TPP. American Labour Organization and environmental protection organize what make clear to TPP agreement hold to reject an attitude. Weekday, a large number of remonstrant gather before conference hotel door, shout stop TPP. Agreement of so called to Aobama TPP will help assemblyman of partial the Democratic Party the version of American worker emerged suspicion, anti of left-wing a group of people of same interest asks assemblyman of the Democratic Party abandons supporting this agreement.

7.TPP will involve exchange rate to operate problem, but it is like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply only.

Be in the United States, exchange rate operates is most one of problems that get dispute. Yen goes weak, make Feng Tian and its person of the same trade gain competitive advantage. American car line of business reachs his to ask in the proponent in United States Congress TPP agreement will prohibit exchange rate operates bring into among them. The means that American automobile industry asks to pass commerce sanction will ensure of exchange rate agreement fulfill.

TPP member national capital is IMF member, also be mostly in G20. IMF and G20, have the demand of exchange rate respect to member national capital. " financial times " personage of cite know the inside story discloses, TPP will operate in exchange rate to member country there is higher demand on the problem, include to be mixed alone fixed negotiation. Nevertheless, prohibit in the formal component that exchange rate dirigibility brings into TPP very hard. Wealth of TPP member country is long reach Central Bank president to agree to fulfil simultaneous agreement, do not drive devaluation because of the interest of native exporter. However, without member country the hope ensures through commerce punish of exchange rate problem fulfill.

What problem may 8.TPP produce?

Below TPP agreement, middle class worker may face the competition of more and additional cheap work, this are particularly applicable to automobile industry. TPP agreement also has impact to industry of milk products of a few countries. Although governmental commitment protects the existing income of the farm 10 years in future, but still be faced with very old stand in the way. In addition, when the enterprise is sued through democratic means, governmental decision may be overthrown in special law front courtyard.

9.TPP is not agreement of free trade of end North America.

TPP is not agreement of free trade of end North America, be in however both the place that has conflict, TPP will be more one-up. Aobama ever expressed, will walk on labor of luggage draw together and environment inside new agreement, TPP accomplished this a little bit just about. (civil / Zhang Shu)

Outspread read: What does TPP agreement have to affect to China? China of meeting keep within limits? (Graph) each country of TPP agreement beard approves Fang Kesheng effect to want the 12 states such as day of beauty of time of a few months at least TPP negotiation builds huge economy to encircle China of antagonism be pointinged to

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