Before Malaysia cancels to pass ambassador of call together China, show its interference horse is municipal (graph)

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Defend according to phoenix inspect cite Singapore " southern Asia business signs up for " report, malaysia cancels Zhouyi to pass the plan of Huang Huikang of ambassador of call together China. Huang Huikang expresses to media, he himself has made clear with tourist of the actualest travel tendercy China, malaysia capital kuala lumpur is restful with prosperity, it is friendly to foreign tourist. Occupy coverage of BBC Chinese network additionally, huang Huikang will interview Han Sha of Malaysia acting minister of foreign affairs on invitation on September 28 again exert is fourth, the talk that when kuala lumpur Chinese quarter is being visited before its are earlier, publishs makes an explanation, time evens more two hours.

China is stationed in Malaysia ambassador Huang Huikang (the data pursues)

Malaysia acting minister of foreign affairs sees Chinese ambassador evens more two hours about

Huang Huikang's ambassador is in an assistant accompany below, malaysia inland trade and consumptive ministry are reached 11:30 a.m. local time, be in afternoon 2 when through the edifice special passageway leaves, of escape media examine minutely.

Han Sha again Nudingben is a country personally commerce, cooperation and consumptive minister, but because of minister of foreign affairs Anifa attends the meeting in U.N. at present, accordingly by Han Sha again identity of acting minister of foreign affairs of exert Ding Yi interviews Huang Huikang.

Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses, won't at this point second meeting holds a press conference, can be in nevertheless latter when make a statement the conversational content that discloses meeting. But when be being published up to the article, malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not publish concerned statement.

Force of Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds out Huang Huikang's ambassador

On the press conference that Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds 28 days in Beijing criterion force holds out Huang Huikang, pointing to Huang Huikang to visit Chinese community during the Mid-autumn Festival is normal amicability behavior; He reiterates China does not intervene his country is municipal. Hong Lei expresses, the horse is friendly neighbouring country in, he hopes big Ma Nengwei maintains stability of national solidarity, society and racial harmony.

Earlier before, malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs already expressed to will pass call together Huang Huikang in 28 days, with respect to him visit Chinese quarter publishs the talk with interpose old municipal horse to make an explanation. Subsequently media of local China article reports, point to about passing call together is by deputy minister of foreign affairs Lichamaliken is given out, do not accord with international diplomatic protocol, be taken the place of consequently cancel of minister of foreign affairs, tourism minister Nacili criticizes Lichamaliken even foolish.

Huang Huikang says, he encourages Chinese tourist to use coming long holiday to travel to Malaysia. The near future, malaysia appears incident of phyletic relation insecurity, huang Huikang last week the 5 Ci factory country fairs that visit common to weigh Chinese quarter, those who state Chinese government fights all forms is terroristic, include those who oppose any forms to be aimed at specific a group of things with common features descendants or a group of things with common features group horror and ultraism, and destroy the serious force incident that public order and society stabilize the society. Subsequently Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a statement, express to want to see Huang Hui in Zhou Yishao. Malaysia media points out, only premier and minister of foreign affairs just have authority to travel call together foreign country ambassadorial, because two people are current,attend U.N. activity in the United States. And acting minister of foreign affairs also has agreed, need not fizzle out with respect to call in in Zhou Yi Hui Kang. Huang Huikang ever also affirmed to media, won't attend summon to an interview.

Singapore " associated morning paper " 27 days of reports say, after China is stationed in make one's rounds of eve of the Mid-autumn Festival of Malaysia ambassador Huang Huikang to seek Ci factory market make known his position to cause Ma Guo Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resent, say to will pass ambassador of call together China to show a case. Malaysia " astral continent daily " the statement that cite China is stationed in Malaysia embassy 26 days says, the ambassador intervenes completely innocently this country is municipal, the horse in wanting to see even if be used to destroy least of all concerns.

China is stationed in Malaysia embassy website to show, huang Huikang heads for street of factory of kuala lumpur Ci 25 days to visit businessman of Malaysia Chinese overseas Chinese. He says when accepting media to be interviewed jointly, chinese government never interferes exotic nation municipal but to violating Chinese state interest, the illegal act that violates Chinese citizen and enterprise to add up to the right beneficial, affiliation that damages China and place country also will never sit by and watch is paid no attention to. What Chinese government fights all forms is terroristic, oppose any forms be aimed at specific and phyletic or the racialism of a group of things with common features descendants and ultraism, object destroying the serious and violent incident that public order and society stabilize the society.

Of mouthpiece of all of witch of political party of Ma Guozhi be regardinged as " forward signs up for " 27 days say, huang Huikang's opinion on public affairs interferes this home politics. The threaten before this goes to Jiamayounuosi of chairman of department of witch all large port area 26 days rally of Ci factory market, likely start something. Equestrian abroad joins a department 27 days 2 when confirm to media the Huang Huikang that pass call together, ask its explain rel

evant opinion on public affairs, say to hope to carry meeting li clear this matter.

Foreign citizen of Chinese origin gives priority to hold strong criticism of sleeve of horse of chairman of party of political civil administration " forward signs up for " already foolish do not have a truth again. China congress hall always meets equestrian country chairman Fang Tianxing appeals the government does not react excessive, call in the ambassador that pass call together acts.

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