Beautiful intermediary criticizes Australian new prime minister: More well-adjusted China rises abruptly

Beautiful intermediary says, during ex-premier Abote is in office, australia is in its are main between commerce associate and main ally in a dilemma.

According to the United States " foreign policy " bimonthly website on September 25 article, in Washington, the controversy is welcoming then and accept China to rise abruptly or prevent it. But in Australia, two great political parties do his utmost to assure to Australian person, they can continue to rely on China to make they become rich, the safety that relies on the United States to assure them. 2013, to Chinese exit the forehead is occupied bay 36% what export total; On the other hand, after the United States ends from World War II before long with there was firm collective and safe pact between Australia. Can earthed up the international environment that pulls the fortune that

never admits China grows ceaselessly and force to indicating Australia is located to produce essential sex to transform, never also admit Australia needs to answer increasingly powerful China with brand-new strategy.

But as Maerkemuteen Boer become Australian prime minister, this kind of state may produce a change. Special Enbuerke can be met far Biabote more the issue that volume of the national power in be happy how to should suit with respect to prospective order of the Asia increases a situation ceaselessly clarifies the viewpoint of rich Australia characteristic.

Mere after taking office as a premier when a week, he encountered this problem. On September 21, the rep

orter asks the great menace that he says to global safety is faced with, he says: What we need to ensure is, chinese rise does not destroy the safety of our region and opposite harmony. It is important that ground of call a spade a spade admits a the property that makes policy challenge and serious degree are Australian foreign policy to China rises abruptly new start.

Before assuming office, special favour is Boer often the position on alive bound of refer China and China. He oppugns Washington to whether be known especially how should answer China to rise abruptly. Special favour is Boer the great ambition that the ability that perhaps can urge Washington and China to build new-style relation to admit China increases increasingly already accommodates his to grow ceaselessly again.

Although a few his predecessor are in,hold the post of inside do not wish to discuss this issue, but Australia is actually cautious between Washington and Beijing ground act already had several years of time. Bob of minister of foreign affairs blocks Er to be written in the memoir that published 2014 before, earth up in can after pulling what support Aobama eagerly to Asia-Pacific balances policy again and agreed with American Marine Corps to garrison Darwinian city 2011, bay the deflection that is necessary to amend latter and aloof China and embrace the United States too enthusiasticly, in order to avoid with crack appears between Beijing.

Among the United States increasingly the strategic antagonism of become acute will be special favour is Boer the biggest challenge that face. Can Australia be willing in order to damage oneself right China does because the Chinese is suspected of the network atttacks an activity and implementing economic sanction to Beijing,commerce support the United States for cost? The most difficult is, once the United States produces armed conflict around Southern China problem or Taiwan problem and China, australia is according to " bay new beautiful safe pact " medium formulary clique arms assists the United States, be so that protect the connection of its and Beijing,still an onlooker? Special Enbuerke can be met is the Australian premier that is willing answer these questions eventually.


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