After group of problem tripartite contact comes to an agreement, Wu Kelan removes heavy-duty weapon

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Beijing of China News Service on September 30 message of electric Ming Sike: Local time on September 29, group of contact of tripartite of Wu Kelan problem holds the meeting in Ming Sike of White Russia capital, the conference was signed about hind withdraw heavy weapons agreement. Folk of Wu Kelan the eastpart part arms to sign on the agreement on behalf of acceptance general.

Car of soldier of armed of Wu Kelan folk withdraws from front

According to " base complementary Post " message, tripartite contact group (safety of Wukelan, Europe and cooperative organization, Russia) Wu Kelan respect represents Kujimatong to cross its spokesman to say, the conference decides the heavy weapons of evacuate includes artillery of caliber of above of tank, 100 millimeter and trench mortar of caliber of 120 millimeter above and bazooka, from fight 15 kilometers are removed after t

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Ou An organizes Dick of Yi of special delegate Sa to say, the agreement overcomes Kujima of Lan Qian's president, Russia to be signed on behalf of Kulimuhameituofu and himself him by the black of tripartite contact group, the Du Nie Ci of Wu Kelan the eastpart part overcomes people republic leader to plunge into Haerqinke and Lugansike people republic leader general, but armed of folk of black the eastpart part will sign this document on behalf of acceptance.

Sa Yi Dick says, the job that heavy weapons removes after begins after two days when will achieve cease-fire completely in conflict area, divide a phase to fulfil. The first phase undertakes in churchyard of Lu pleasant Si Kezhou, time is 15 days; The 2nd phase undertakes in area of the others conflict, time is 24 days. Head what remove early or late is tank, it is artillery of caliber of 100 millimeter above next, finally is trench mortar of above of 120 millimeter caliber and bazooka. Europe installs an organization to will assume what work to heavy weapons is being removed after both sides control the job.

On September 22, group of contact of tripartite of Wu Kelan problem ever had held a talk, but gain is narrow.

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