Abundant breeds Venezuelan body model also wants grand G grandma to amount to " standard bust "

Log onto those who register breast of abundant of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Venezuelan body model also want grand G grandma to amount to " standard bust " origin: ? Detain?2015-10-09 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Write in front: This is an innocent story, told about in Venezuela, dress sells a SOHO to be forced to buy a large number of G to overspread a cup of dummy. Because all in this photograph is the dummy model with full visible ave! Dummy model! Dummy model! However we still are hit in the photograph full black, picture wind accordingly ferocious

Innocent text and innocent photograph

The Venezuela female of 1/3 can choose become grand bosom operation, look from age layer, these girl all come from the young group that has consumptive capacity most, the manikin that if clothing store boss does not put a G,suckles so, the client knows he puts on this dress far from is what effect

According to report of new York Times, grand bosom operation is in Venezuela is very general, it is the topic that female people discusses publicly, female of low even income also live frugaly goes grand bosom, will achieve bust of so called standard.

The manufacturer is to risking the risk that go bankrupt more, also change manikin into big bust to be opposite in order to cater to a society the standard of beautiful bosom, high price is purchased after changing a manikin, enter almost not apply goes out.

Eliezer Alvarez of manikin mill factory manager a few years ago so had done him to make fat buttock of breast of a kind of abundant, manikin of bee waist legginess, immediately sell like hot cakes. His wife holds a partner concurrently to say: Model and woman are natural previously, nowadays transform both.

Model doctor Manuel Bonilla is a businessman that relies on to manikin grand bosom to fend, still a lot of people are doing the work with him, he opened studio of a plastic surgery, change small bosom plastic pattern technically into G to suckle big tit especially.

Yes, paper two on original basis namely plastic, such newer than buying cheaper I do not know this calculates do not calculate art, I said not to calculate, but this work is quite individual, because we are complete,listen to a client.

Gangling model begins these unscientific big tits to show the window piece now a few years ago, they replaced those groovy small bosom model almost completely now. Nobody says thoroughly is life follow the lead of after all art or conversely, likely also and both all have.

The long Yaritza Molina of store of shop of a high-quality goods of divisi

on collect says to a few guests can say with her, after putting on this skirt, I want that result of model. To such guest, she can reply: Good, go grand bosom.

A female worker of manikin production factory also plans to become an operation, she says to the reporter of new York Times: You see a such model are placed over, you can think, if become much in that way good. Her plan choose an auspicious day goes becoming grand bosom operation, because of her (actually) feel to be able to let him feeling have self-esteem more in that way.

Store of a shop grows Venezuela tell a TV station: Probably 4, begin to appear on the market 5 years ago big tit plastic pattern is unusual, the girl bosom that will buy the clothes is not small, they are like even if come of beautiful bosom, after using these model, our sales volume rose, those girls had become an operation.

Long-term since, plastic surgery is in Venezuela is very popular, the Venezuela president that dies two years ago even also has considered to do plastic surgery. He ever alleged before the public object plastic, the behavior that thinks low income female does plastic surgery below the case that cannot manage bread even is absurd.

In Venezuela, the fee that is used on average on grand bosom each is 6350 dollars is Everyman about the maintenance of 3 months.

However, what want somebody to put forward inactive to this kind human body to transform only is anxious, his sound can be flooded very quickly by plastic proponent. Venezuela picks the propon

ent that the entrepreneur Osmel Sousa of beautiful match is plastic surgery, he ever suggested because of be in the match champion of contest of round-the-world young lady makes nose plastics and arrant, he is so say: Blemish should be corrected, if pass an operation to be able to be corrected, why be done?

Sousa also tells new York Times, explicit beauty is peripheral really. Want me to say, immanent beauty exists far from, just be ugly women's will comfort oneself.

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