2015 Nobel economics award is popular list of person selected check + selected reason (graph)

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Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on October 12 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, beijing time today 19: 00, economics award will serve as the project pressing an axis of nobel prize was announced 2015. Nevertheless, award prize with Oscar different, nobel prize won't publish candidate list.

Can spend after all fall whose home, the list of bear the palm of award of laurel of 2015 year quotation that lets us see soup dark road appear the intellectual property below the banner and ministry of career of science and technology to arrange first, sex of the look up before this one list has quite to forecasting nobel prize.

1.Lichadebulangdeer (Sir Richard Blundell) , institute of British London university is taught

Selected reason: Important contribution is made in the microcosmic econometrics respect of labour market and consumer behavior, advance the understanding that makes influence labour market and consumer demand to policy.

2.Lisite (John A. List) , american Chicago university is taught

Selected reason: Important contribution is made in experimental terrain of economics, spot experiment (Field Experiment) development comes economics, can measure individual action to whether accord with the anticipation of economics theory through experimental design.

3.Mansiji (Charles F. Manski) , economics of American northwest university is taught

Selected reason: Ministry of play a game of chess identifies a way discuss the economy that interacts with the society to analyse a respect to make important contribution, the explanation is made in policy of the society below the case that has partial knowledge only reach the suitable scope that forecast and limit, how to if people is below different choice,make a decision. Study the domain basically is econometrics.

Forecast according to professional personage, macroeconomics domain already had count second Nuo award, microcosmic also have the record that take prize with before financial domain a few years, accordingly metric this year domain or will become seize award popular. A few years circumstance of bear the palm looked once upon a time, as metric as metric and relevant macroscopical, finance all have the history that take prize, microcosmic and metric or the most likely bear the palm.

Of course, economics bound galaxy brights, except above road of a few Shang Sen shows a medium a favourite by sb in power, it is not strange also that people of these academic authority any win a prize below.

4.The Qiao Gensen that wear Er (Dale Jorgenson) , the United States breaths out Buddha university

Selected reason: The new classic investment that the system elaborated the hire price that serves with capital to be a foundation is theoretical, and

what explained productivity from the new technology aspect that the content in increasing investment changes is fluctuant. 1971, he obtains the carat that American economics meets because of the econometrics model of investment to capture prize. He still has held the position of American economy to learn chairman and world econometrics conference chairman.

5.Williams Bao Mo Er (William Jack Baumol) , economics of new York university is taught

Selected reason: In company action policy of market of academic, industrial structure theory, inflation theory, artwork, environment and competitive policy domain, have crackajack contribution.

6.Gugedishenbagewodi (Jagdish Bhagwati) , economics of American Colombia university is taught

Selected reason: Study d

irection basically is centered at the domain such as economics of international trade, welfare and cameralistics, it is one of egghead with international trade the mainest field. Globalization of the economic policy adviser that Professor Bagewodi once had held the position of a GATT, U.N. is special adviser and adviser of World Trade Organization. Taught all the time up to now 1980 at American Colombia university, hold the position of professor of this school economics and politics professor.

[chainlet receives] 2014 Nuo award winner: Er of Nuo letting ladder (Jean Tirole) , university of at present of French graph Lu produces strong point of scientific research of already aid institute

Reason of bear the palm: Royal academy of sciences expresses Sweden, because he clarified,awarding economics of ladder Nuo Er prize basically is how understand and superintend rig business. (edit Wang Zongkai, Li Jie, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

(original title: Nobel economics grail of popular person selected nods award)

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