The U.S. Army returns the Pentagon of Iraqi ground battlefield permissibly: We are fighting

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN)10 reports 30 days month, soldier of United States of 29 days of formal approval participates in American the Pentagon directly Iraqi ground fights. Before this, the United States is in because of first active service soldier hit Mohammedan state (die in the battle of IS) and be in to the U.S. Army Iraqi part for a time indecisive.

We are in the battle, shidifuwolun of spokesman of department of defense expresses 28 days to the reporter: I am to say, some people may not see, here is war zone already, iraq is occurrent war. And our person is over there, be being surrounded by the battle.

This opinion on public affairs is published last week after the U.S. Army makes an appointment with Wheeler of Shu Hua L to kidnap die in the action of hostage in rescue by IS. This decides what what did last summer with American president Aobama to make known this position to form bright

contrast, when Aobama is announcing to help Iraq hit the operation of IS at that time firm say, american ground armed forces will not return Iraqi battle.

American defense minister the 28 soldiers that also admit the United States is stationed in Iraq later on are

participating in Aishendukate everyday battle, but he turns and amend its opinion on public affairs, state the United States is in overall part of Iraq is not to carry out fight the task, train however and assist local armament.

(Original title: The U.S. Army is permissive the Pentagon of battlefield of return Iraq ground: We are fighting)


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