The ground that Taliban will single out new head IS or takes the chance to enlarge base oneself upon (graph)

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In report will report new net integratedly on October 22, afghan horror organizes hostile and factional discussion of Taliban, want to try to replace the head Mansuer that they object. It is reported, person selected is counting new head in a few days to single out.

Data picture: Afghan horror organizes Mansuer of Head Taliban.

According to the report, report, both sides will begin to launch a negotiation in Pakistan in July, but the Zajier that a lot of commanders include to do his utmost to object Mansuer objects negotiating, the head replaces the job subsequently go no further not before.

Or number knocks calm person selected in a few days

The factional spokesman Niaci that objects Mansuer says, new head person selected will be knocked inside several days calm. He says: The negotiation has a topic for discussion only, that is the emir with consistent new choose (Emir, namely leader) , get rid of Mansuer.

Ni Aci points out, although Taliban for a time occupational north offsprings person city, commanders still cannot accept Mansuer's leadership.

Analytic personage thinks, tower benefit Ban Zaikun the victory of person city, consolidated Mansuer's force, enhanced his prestige in basic level, the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization postponed legionary evacuation plan for this.

The report points out, but lead a layer as a result of Taliban inside fight opaque, still not be clear about at present turn over Mansuerpa to whether be met he is challenged on battlefield, also not be clear that they are controlling how many soldier and fund.

On the other hand, the disputes a likelihood to let another horror organize Mohammedan country armed element of Dalibannei's hegemony has an opportunity to enlarge the area of its base oneself upon, and make the peace that Mansuer won't restore to attend to be driven by Pakistan government negotiates.

Afghan president adds the Buddhist nun to driving a negotiation to work, try to end those who lasted 14 years is revolting. Since north mogged about 2014 after several combats tr

oops, revolting already upgraded apparently.

(Original title: Taliban will single out the ground that contend for or enlarges IS base oneself upon

of new head hegemony)

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