Russian crash plane " black box " analyse preliminary conclusion: The plane is not by down

Personage of message of board of inquiry of tripartite alliance of Russia, Egypt, France says 2 days, show to the analysis of black box, in Egypt on the west the plane is not the Russia of Nai peninsula crash to be fallen by missile substandard ram.

Local time on November 2, according to media coverage, in Egypt the black box of the Russia plane that Nai peninsula crashs on the west undertakes the preliminary conclusion of analytic board of inquiry is, the plane was not assaulted by exterior attack or missile, before the plane is disappearing from radar, the driver also did not give out cry out in distress of ask for help. Message personage rejects to disclose further detail, but expressing current conclusion is the preliminary analysis that the basis finds black box in plane debris.

Nieladeke expresses Alexander of director of carriage bureau of Russian Federation aviation, the view that crashing is exterior reason does not accord with the fact that heretofore discovers. Russia media reports, plane debris has not discover explosive trace.

Nevertheless, chief inspector of American state information carat Po weighs Zhanmusi, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country may capable down is similar wreck plane in that way plane, just, he does not have direct evidence.

[debris has not discover explosive trace]

Website of Egypt news portal " Egypt signs up now " the word of personage of message of one board of inquiry reports 2 days of quote: Crashing reason is plane interior damages some kind. This eliminated missile or other come from external the possibility of assault, be not picture certain and adjacent the website place of Mohammedan country says horrible group in that way.

Cite of Russia news agency understands the word of the Caire message personage of investigation to report, investigation personnel already accepted the mark that explosive did not discover on plane debris of the analysis in course of study.

" Egypt signs up for now " message personage still says, the preliminary analysis of the flight data logger in black to two box still shows, before the plane disappears from ground radar, air man did not issue distress call.

The word of personage of information of branch of civil aviaton of Reuter cite Egypt reports, egypt, Russia and French expert have not end the analysis of pair of black boxes. " Egypt signs up for now " message personage says, analytic job will last for a long time.

Russia division adds thunder Mu an airbus A321 plane will be in airline on October 31 Egypt on the west Nai peninsula in the sky the crash when the flight, passenger and unit staff die entirely. This plane travels from Egypt the Red Sea conspicuous of Sha Yi of urban sanded Mu takes off, destination is Russia Sanket city. Russian honest official says, the plane may be in sky disintegrate.

Mohammedan country Nai peninsula branch alleges on the west made this have aviation accident. But, russia and Egypt official and expert of safety of a few aviation think, the view of Mohammedan country is suspect.

[Russian officer pleads avoid to make conclusions prematurely]

Division add thunder Mu aviation 2 days some earlier moment says, this airborne business thinks crashing reason may be outside force action.

Aviation be assigned personal responsibility for flies and vice-president Alexander of production says Kejialeimu on a press conference that Simiernuofu holds in Moscow: We excluded mechanical failure and the account that air man handles error.

Just, becoming media reporter reporter to examine minutely is the master piece outside why be being planted in order to and when how be being caused, simiernuofu firm because investigation still is in,say to undertake, inconvenience introduces detailed case.

Superintend an official as civil aviation, nieladeke accepted Russia 24 hours that day when news TV station is interviewed, say, judge crashing reason premature now, the view heretofore of alleged and exterior element does not have a basis. Undertake decipher and analysis to black box, need begins a lot of works.

He appeals aviation group public figure avoids to make any conclusion prematurely.

[the plane when straining is complete out of control]

Aviation still says Kejialeimu, when circumstance of plane occurr

ence danger, air man lost the control to the plane completely.

Simiernuofu says, the plane is in before crash inside 1 minute with horary the rate of 300 kilometers is rapid straining about 1500 meters, unit staff fails to have radio contact with the ground consequently, report circumstance.

Apparent the structure of the plane gets at that time significant loss, cannot continue to fly, he says.

Aweiliyanuofu tells the another vice-president Andre of this empty look forward to media reporter, wreck plane ever was damaged at was in the rear when Egypt capital Caire descends 2001, subsequently grounding of aircraft period of time, accept maintenance.

He says, this plane at that time by operation of another aviation company. Of the same age in November, maintenance work ends, accord with international standard,

think without reason that the accident gave a plane to leave permanent damage accordingly.

Aviation still says Kejialeimu, the plane still passed metallic stuff exhaustion 2014 fast detect.

[operation business says 16 people did not board the plane]

Aviation confirms Kejialeimu at the same time, 16 people did not ascend this to wear the plane of final crash.

Of short duration is not clear die to whether because this is changed,be met by passenger number. Russia just says, 217 passengers that this plane carries and 7 unit staff die entirely.

Media guesses, likely somebody hides bomb in baggage, outsmart airport installs check, carry load machine? The person that ever had been to sanded Mu sanded Yi He to travel says, the airport installs check flabby, it is very easy that the passenger carries contraband in baggage pass a barrier.

Nevertheless, simiernuofu says when the query that answers this respect, the baggage of airport of conspicuous of sanded Mu sanded Yi installs check level to be worth to trust. We do not have reason not to believe our person of the same trade.

[beautiful official does not forget stir up trouble]

Po of carat of chief inspector of American state information is in 2 days Washington says on a conference, mohammedan country probably capable down resembles A321 in that way civil aviaton plane.

When whether the answer has the capacity of down plane about Mohammedan country, carat Po says, this is unlikely. But I won't eliminate this kind of possibility, mohammedan country on the west Nai peninsula branch is very bellicose.

Nevertheless, whether is in the answer this has aviation accident horrible assault when, carat Po admits, he shows without any direct evidence crash with terroristic relevant.

Carat Po says, after the data inside black box gets restore and be analyticed, we can understand more situation probably. (Hu Reyu) (stalk of grain especially border client carries Xin Huaguo)

(original title: Plane of black box indication Russia is not by down)

Outspread read: Beijing of Russian president general appeals Russia of truth of wreck of plane of objective and reductive Russia just affirms wreck plane spot of 4 remains identity finds more remains (pursue) beautiful information chief inspector says to still do not have evidence to indicate " Mohammedan state Nai peninsula becomes Egypt of crash of plane of Russia of plane of " down Russia on the west Russia of civil aviaton forbidden zone


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