Number of Romanian fire death rises to 45 people president to appeal reform

Will report on November 8 according to Afp, the fire October 30 has caused Romanian capital 45 people die, cause from this turn over governmental protest to still be in cont

inuously. Romanian president heads for assembly center and hundreds remo

nstrant 8 days to meet local time, appeal they support national reform.

According to the report, romanian president Johannes (day of Klaus Iohannis)8 arrives visit square of capital Bucharest university, meet with the remonstrant that shouts catchword to ask to change deeply. Such reform has ability of our joint efforts to finish only, he is right say of the person that protest hundreds activity of 6 days continuously.

It is reported, after the fire October 30 happens, a lot of people criticise the safety of the nightclub does not accord with a standard, also the corruption that somebody is condemned is a government caused this tragedy. The back-to-back parade that happen protests the activity has forced tower of premier bitter fleabane to resign.

The report says, presidential Johannes 8 days make known his position to indicating it is important that this near 1 week protest activity appeared a favourable turn.


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