Jing of American newlywed wedding shows " crasher " spot of abstruse Ba Ma grabs lens

Login register Jing of wedding of newlywed of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to show " crasher " does spot of abstruse Ba Ma grab lens origin: ? ?2015-10-17 19:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

A pair of newlywed of American showed " of crasher of a " to make a bride direct be dumbfounded in the Jing on wedding recently the tear ran quickly, and " of this " crasher is not others be American president Aobama. It is reported this is to the wedding of new personality hold in field of a golf, and meanwhile Aobama also arrived that day this golf field plays a ball game. As a result of Aobama's arrival they must shift to an earlier date or defer is bridal, they chose defer and return a public house finally, the window that passes a public house saw Aobama. To this they had felt very contented, nevertheless cameraman shows Aobama to the Jing on wedding of this kind of c

rasher once in a blue moon the opportunity does not want completely to miss, he incites bridegroom bride to gallop field and group photo of abstruse Ba Ma. Aobama expresses very willing, serve newly-married the blessing to them. It is reported Aobamabushendi faze person is bridal, he was in last year Hawaiian golf is played when going vacationing. Also as it happens meets Capt. the bridal bridegroom bride of bridle of Hai Mo and Edward is in Natalie 27 days the accused after rehearsal knows to cannot use this space at 28 days, because Aobama should come,play a ball game. Bridal and final temporarily move arrives field another area. Nevertheless sea silent family says, that area prospect is better, still can see lever of brandish of abstruse Ba Ma. After the event, aobama calls expressed regret, get the understanding of Hai Mo and bridle.

The Jing on wedding shows bride of crasher clear field to be dumbfounded the tear runs quickly request group photo

The Jing on wedding shows bride of crasher clear field to be dumbfounded the tear runs quickly request group photo

The Jing on wedding shows bride of crasher clear field to be dumbfounded the tear runs quickly request group photo

The intermediary outside occupying reports, local time 11 days, american husband and wife Bulaientuobi (Brian Tobe) and Si Difen Ni are held in the palm than (the wedding of Stephanie) is interrupted by a crasher, this person that joins in disorder is not others, be American president Aobama.

11 days that day, brian and Si Difen Ni are in American California field of a golf holds los angeles when wedding, see two United States are especially diligent suddenly bureau

car. Next, this is informed to the cameraman of new personality, wedding must be deferred hold, if be not deferred, have to begin immediately.

Original, fu holds Tuobifu bridal that day, senior golf confuses Aobama to also head for pushball field to play a ball game. Final, fu chooses Tuobifu to give way to Aobama. They are drinking champagne to wait for a president to hit a ball at the same time at the same time, at the same time the hope can see a president.

Fu is in Tuobifu hotel window far looked at Aobama. They feel very contented to this, nevertheless, their cameraman has big plan however. There are Brian and Si Difen Ni to kill a golf field again after cameraman, helped they and Aobama successfully combine a film.

Cameraman after the event describes this experience on the net, say abstruse Ba Ma's person is right, held a hand with Brian and Si Difen Ni, still deferred be related to to them with respect to wedding apology.

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