Giant minor planet will brush a body with the earth and crossing a rumor to say is world terminus

Will report on October 20 according to Russia media, a few days ago, circulating between Russia netizen a astonishing messages: On October 31, namely all saints' day of western convention red-letter day that day, can have giant minor planet close quarters passes by the earth. This planet already before Yu Sanzhou be discovered by the expert of bureau of American country aerospace, name for 2015 TB145.

The rumor that this message causes and panic are rapid all over the world Internet distributes: In this divine Allhallows night, all saint people assemble in testimony together this giant minor planet bumps the earth, experience all die out that have on the earth, and the terminus that this will be the world, but Russia astronomer is very quiet however the earth's surface shows us need not alarmed.

Yes, what discover this is giant the size of minor planet makes us very astonish, its diameter has 280 620 rice. Xie Er of director of observatory of gram of at present of Yi Er library say of Gai Yajie's husband, and darkling flew in Feburary 2013 photograph of Bin Sike aerolite compares the Che Liya that the diameter of close earth is 17 meters, that influence can compare this to be gotten apparently apparently much. This giant the passes by process general and us heavenly body of minor planet maintains

a very far distance, distance earth is 480 thousand kilometer about, it is the earth almost be apart from to the moon of one times. Not was necessary to fear it can bring disaster to the earth at all so.

This giant minor planet also will make this year an one of pretty good game chip, probably we still can cost the one time in the evening to observe sky, try can see this giant minor planet.

This giant minor planet says normally is to be able to pass the binoculars of school of simple and easy type with appropriate mea

sure to observe, the traversal speed that does not cross this asteroid special fast 35 kilometre / second, human eye cannot catch so fast celestial bodies to move almost. Strange say of dimension of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of graph of gram of Er of A of lid thanking Er, nevertheless the system of Great Master binoculars of our observatory is connecting calorie of valley to record this thoroughly giant the whole process that minor planet passes by.


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