Flower be like,campus discovers note of book of the satchel 90 years ago is in good condition first (graph)

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Reference news net will report stage intermediary says on November 4, heart of the blessing in British conspicuous (Hereford) Alice pauses the teacher of business school, one will discover within campus in June this year old old satchel, open look, there still are a few schoolbooks to follow jotter inside, did not think of muse, discover satchel follows the book inside awesomely, have history of 88 years actually!

A teacher is in England accidentally inside campus, discovered the satchel that has near 90 years of histories.

Pen record work points is whole

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website to will report on November 3, after the research that passes a few months, the satchel that discovers this coffee is the Shidonger that already died (Mona Helen Muriel Stonyer) all, he arrives all the time from 1927 1930, ever paused in Alice high school of woman of the predecessor of business school, He Lifu heart is read.

The teaching and administrative staff of the school expresses, after confirmation includes master station, we issue message immediately, the hope can connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy with her relatives and friends, or it is understanding more her background information. Eventually, her relatives and friends on subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy was connected recently, and after course discussion, also decide to put satchel and textbook inside campus to reveal. This is the matter that click of the tongue making a person weighs to surprise really, I still remember working in the same place to take satchel that day, open viewing discovery is article of near 90 years actually, but be like,schoolbook is saved in good conditionly actually first!

The report says, there is the note of historical lesson, geographical class and scientific subject inside Shi Donger's jotter, although tens of year come, the content that the student learns and past are very different, but similar point is very much still, also make everybody straight breathe out, testimony is erst with now different too interesting really!

Express according to Shidonger's relatives and fr

iends, she did not marry all one's life, also do not have any children, it is the secretary of a land agent all the time, die when 1990. And Shidonger's jotter is made p

ublic, also make many netizens big breathe out, the detailed fine workmanship that the person previously takes notes is whole, make present student blush with shame really!

(picture origin: Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website)

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