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I dare bet, the abdication reason that who does not have can compare the article this is more arrogant. And, still not be hype.

Moxa luck Ke Manu of 32 years old (Eric Manu) , canada comes from Ghana 3 years ago, in do not list bump Colombian province becomes environmental sanitation worker, married girl of a Canada, still have a child. The key is recently he should resign, because, the kingship of home town tribe passed his body to go up to change character, he does not do environmental sanitation work, should go back when king!

Rub a village that the slave comes from Ghana to install Naxiaboabo, his uncle not long ago dies, the position of will tribal leader passed him. I will receive a telephone call in June, the great master that says the better of this locality still has me a group of things with common features, agree consistently to appoint me to be a tribal king. Rub the slave says, at that time his the first reaction is, are you joking with me? I think I am daydreaming, dare not believe completely.

Rub slave

The tribe of a 6000 people waits for you to go back do king ah, the fictitious kingdom in game actually so came true! The fact that makes a person asp so is placed in at the moment, rub the slave has bit of Song

He thought very long oneself are comfortable do not suit this new job, this is not a politics appoint, however descendent, my ancestor and father generation struggled for this all one's life, this important task is placed before me now. So, I must get the intense emotion that has hard first.

Finally, rub the slave decides to accept this next heavy responsibility. Go to take up office not formally still, he has begun to plan: Our tribe has 4 public schools only, some villages connect computer to be done not have, some people had not seen computer even. Return some villages to do not have report, without the library.

Rub the slave says, when thinking hold the bag. Then, he finds the boss susan Watterson when Canada works (Susan Watson) , ask her help. Susan memory says, one of these day we are working, rub the slave says with me he wants to go back become king. We know a bit his descen

dent identity before, but think to want 45 years at least, did not think of he says next year.

Rub slave and susan group photo

Understand rub after the slave's request, susan was initiated on the net donate an activity. After a few months, rub the slave receives a great gift full the computer of one container, sewing machine, dress, shoe, book, bicycle and seed.

Rub the slave says, the meeting after his replace devotes oneself to to improve the backward idea of education and local. For instance, a lot of people of local think to be mixed in Europe Canada, money grows on the tree.

After returning Ghana, rub the video that the slave took a cultivate land, I want to tell me child civilian, in Africa no matter what you do, want hard to do, had done it. What is there in the life need not fatigue and obtain.

Nevertheless, this kind of cultivating business follows very quickly rub the slave does not have what to concern. After assuming office because of new job, meeting somebody will serve him.

This j

ust also changes begin. Rub the slave says, my clad means wants a change, talking kind should go. I cannot sit to have a meal outside later, also cannot talk with someone else to the outside casually. This is a new role, the new student is vivid.

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