England plans to tighten up policy of visa of student studying abroad to be about to add a language to check difficulty

Occupy European times to reported recently, british government plans those who tighten up an international student to study abroad with visa policy, predict to will affect many China student. The report says, british government plans to achieve the goal that reduces 25 thousand student studying abroads every year through installing strict

er English language to check. Before this, england still considers tightening up the visa arrangement that after the student studying abroad graduates, leaves in England.


Language test will compare United States bay stricter

Last week, official of British Home Office and each university delegate hold a seminar, the plan executes test of stricter international English language, the test that predicts new test will compare Australia and United States is more strict, its purpose is to reduce at least 25000 student studying abroads every year.

Home Office spokesman says: We welcome people to come to the academy study of our world center, but if they hope really,be benefited from inside British education, they master English adequately with respect to need.

Before this, premier blocks Mei Lun to ever will publish pass a barrier to make a speech at emigrant pilot in May. He says: We must shut more and false institute further, linger to student exceed the time limit have stricter control, raise taller English language requirement to the student.

In recent years, british government has been carried out a series of about going to flower the new rule that study abroad, if carry the tuition of high higher education, free medical treatment the student studying abroad,change is collect fees project, during prohibiting studying abroad, work etc.

This year in year, england is municipal plum of Sha of chancellery spy thunder still puts forward, england leaves instantly after letting those come from European alliance to end in school work with the student studying abroad of foreign home, is not to resemble showing administrative plan to fall, if the student studying abroad can find yearly salary the job of above of 24 thousand pound can be waited for in England. Because this offers to expect to promote the British finance minister of Sino-British relation Osborne be the first object, lay aside temporarily.


Be pointed to welcome Chinese student no longer

A variety of plans of British government caused wide attention. Increase a language to once become reality,check difficulty especially, predict to will affect many China student. Media of university of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene and gauss of director of public concern department are accepting the say when China News Service is interviewed, at present this school has 4153 Chinese students that are reading, 16% what hold student sum total, 59% what hold student of border of the allied country that be not Europe.

the Chinese student with not strong capability of most English, tuitional to going up, cancel PSW visa (the student job visa after the student graduates) , prohibit the student hits chore to wait, still can bear constrainedly also, but the language is a bank with top before them tree from beginning to end.

Chinese student is in stay flower express in succession in forum, rise in tuition, working visa is tightened up after waiting, can feel the pressure that emigrates to limitation. Somebody sends post query even: Is this to welcome the rhythm that Chinese student goes to studying abroad no longer?


Deadly biff will damage economy

To this plan, england shakes in-housely not small also. University organization warning says, this policy will reduce the abroad student amount of 15% .

Scot represents chief of commission of general affairs of British international student, this will be pair of deadly biff that recruit abroad student. He expresses, stricter language test will let the school provoke preparatory student hard, and science and student of mathematical section goal, because the student of a few major may have very tall science technical ability, but English ability is weaker.

Department of Commerce and Ministry of finance all showed concern, think to should plan to will damage national economy. Current, as a result of land settlement policy tighten up, the student number that comes to England from India is declining, the growth of university income basically relies on the student that comes

from China. But according to flower intermediary the report says, data shows most pass hard new the student that the language that roll out tests is Chinese student.


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