Egypt allegory announces why Syrian chaos caused by war endlessly: Crab child hibernate frog

Want to understand the complexity of Syrian crisis and even middle east problem, might as well publish from this first Yu Ai and " pyramid signs up for " begin scorpion to had wanted a river allegorically, appeal to frog. Frog says, how do you sting me to do? Scorpion says, stung us to also can sink river bottom. Frog feels reasonable, then the scorpion since the back crosses a river. Swim to the river in the center of, scorpion still couldn't help stinging frog. In the heavy bottom that enter a river that momently, frog asks scorpion, you know perfectly well everybody to be able to be finished, sting me even for what? Scorpion answers helplessly, because here is middle east.

Fine fine presumably, this includes 3 senses at least allegorically:

The first, the evil-minded nature of scorpion, if colleague,mix to ascendancy change hard like the longing of the interest. alleged country changes easily, nature moves hard. Still scrupulously abide by the middle east area of jungly law on influence replace, for contend for power and profit, each strong person must not have place need not its extremely, not hesitate even risk danger in desperation, destruction of good and bad alike.

Resemble expert place says in that way, in Arabia - Mohammedan world, through very intense, and rather than mild kind finishs capture or lose power. In other words, these countries are not only political power gives in the barrel of a gun, leader gets influence to rely on violent means basically, and also be political power is protected in the barrel of a gun, influence replace still should carry the violent kind such as revolution, coup.

The 2nd, scorpion cheats frog, in the end stings dead frog again, acid is strong person of middle east past dynasties probably, walking along mostly first incendiary, use the people to appear on the stage with seize power, abandon again next, the old road of suppress people.

The 3rd, scorpion should sting dead frog, reflection goes out in the nonego breed with confirmed middle east its heart needs the tradi

tion of different is ideological. What scorpion should build is sure the domestic the world that is oneself, and allow other to shar

e anything but, encroach on.


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