Congo elephant of the 200 bull inside 1 year kills setting by hunt shocking (the spot pursues)

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International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on November 10, since 2014, the Ge Lang that is located in Congo cling to (Garamba) national park already had 200 bull elephant to be armed poacher hunt is killed. Protect forest member fight with Congo soldier and poacher life-and-death, but, as a result of tens of year the influence such as

tide of civil war, revolting, refugee, park of protective wild animal still is facing heavy challenge.

The operation that hits poacher resembles a bushfighting, protect forest member oppose compound excitation war with Congo soldier and poacher. The member that the graph is guardian is examining elephant body. (webpage cut pursues)

Nowadays, blow poacher resembles starting a bushfighting. Poacher uses pike hunt to kill elephant at first, they had deployed grenade, rocket launcher nowadays, still have helicopter assist in fighting sometimes even. Poacher and protect forest member the armed conflict that wait caused tremendous effect to local tourism. The war that opposes poach is not be confined to Ge Lang cling to national park, in the dimension of Congo south park of Home Long Jiaguo also has produced similar conflict.

When the portion had general investigation in April 2014, ge Lang cling to national park still has 1780 elephant, but will one year already 200 bull elephant is killed by hunt. 20 years ago, this park shares elephant 11000 bull.

(original bid: Congo elephant of the 200 bull inside a year kills setting by hunt shocking (group plan) )

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