Burmese next year dialog of politics of peace of open whole nation was about to close to in January countrywide cease-fire

Beijing of China News Service will compare inside report on December 19 message: Burmese president government office makes a statement 18 days, announce to will start conversation of countrywide peace politics on January 12 at next year, reconcile in order to achieve the whole nation and complete cease-fire.

According to commander-in-chief of Burmese president Wu Dengcheng, national defence army quick the countrywide cease-fire agreement that holds Lai and leader of 8 minority armed organizations high to will be signed on October 15 this year, each just should draft within 60 days agreement of framework of dialog of a politics, inside 90 days the politics that start speaks.

After countrywide cease-fire agreement is signed, burmese the confederative peace dialogue that established to arm to represent composition with each politics political parties and groups by government, minority for this combines committee, dialog box of the responsible politics that draft wears an agreement, 15 days are finished and approved framework agreemen

t this month. This month 16 days, wu Dengcheng accepts the political dialog box that finishs finally to wear an agreement, announce to will try hard to make conversation of next month open.

In addition, according to Burmese media coverage, this month 2 days, wu Dengcheng He Minang Lai parts as democratic as Burmese whole nation alliance (civilian alliance) the chairman holds Shan Suji high inside to see than be being met. The news communique that the related side issues says, meeting obtains positive positive result.

Burmese since becoming independe

nt 1948 oneself, put in size all the time a few minority arm. Since November 2013, burmese government and people arm held peace talks 9 rounds, strike agreement of cease-fire of calm whole nation finally, but difference still is put on the problem that armed organization can sign an agreement in what. (Be over)


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