Yemen peace talks is not had if really and eventually cease-fire agreement will adjourn at least a week

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port on December 20 according to Afp, yemen is at war team and Hu Saiwu install Ha Dijun of bilateral close president to held peace talks in Switzerland a few days ago, but without if really and eventually. Group of Yemen government negotiation shows, the cease-fire agreement that already was violated for many times is about to expire, but a week be extensioned. U.N. official shows, will hold in January at next year new peace talks o

f round of Yemen.

Army of government office of Yemen take over the reins of government upon coming age and the delegate that Hu Saiwu installs all express, peace talks did not gain the headway of materiality. Personage of know the inside story discloses, talked things over to basically fail, the result of peace talks is both sides agrees to negotiate again only.

Yemen Foreign Minister is accepting when interviewing, say: Truce agreement will adjourn at least a week. If Hu Saiwu outfit abides by an agreement, cease-fire will adjourn automatically.

Er of Si Mei of U.N. ambassador-at-large Yi (IsmailOuldCheikhAhmed) tells a reporter, the decision of cease-fire of delay a week does not apply to some areas of Yemen, but this the negotiation obtained tremendous progress. Agree to build to battle both sides negotiate a mechanism, establish combination to alleviate condition committee, take the package step that establishs confidence. We had decided to held peace talks below one round on January 14 in next year, but the place of peace talks is not definite still.

The report says, yemen agrees with peace talks to just come from the pressure of U.N. and international society for escape at present to battle both sides, still will continue to be at war in the future. The foreground that both sides wants to reach long-term cease-fire agreement nots allow hopeful.


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