Tourist attraction of beautiful Xi Yatu " chewing gum wall " come 20 years head clear

Local time on November 11, 2015, american Xi Yatu, the worker is undertaking clearing working, the market that send a gram is postal the tourist attraction chewing gum inside alley wall, stick above full the chewing gum of all sorts of color, in the past 20 will estimate for years accumulated broken bits of 10 thousand about a hundred candy, local government protects wall put oneself in another's position to protect, give orders to begin to spread out from 10 days clear exercise, predict to connect Qing Dynasty 3 days to be able to come down shovels of all chewing gum broken bits.

The worker is undertaking clearing working

(original bid: The wall comes to chewing gum

of tourist attraction of beautiful Xi Yatu 20 years to clear first)


esponsibility edits: Su Limei


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