Russian intermediary: The Russian also loves double 11 buy from Chinese net will add to 20 times

Russian intermediary says, search website finance channel to forecast according to Russia Yandex, the ruffian section that is in China on November 11, chinese net inn will roll out activity of large-scale sales promotion, the Russian buys demand to predict to will increase 20 times from Chinese net. AliExpress, Beijing east, TradeEase, TinyDeal and potential of Lan Ting market is to be in Russia famous degree of top Chinese report trader platform.

According to Russia " new Izvestia " will report on November 10, 2014 double 11, the Russian buys the specified amount in the net of platform of Chinese cable business is 12 times in expend

iture of annual of Chinese hypostatic inn; Predicting Russian is in double this year the expenditure of 11 still can continue to grow, hopeful increases 20 times. But meanwhile, the order that day pays the forehead on average to will glide somewhat, the 830 ruble from last year (1 yuan of RMBs add up to 10.12 ruble about) fall to 780 ruble.

Yandex searchs the analytic personage explanation of website finance channel to say: The change of this and consumer behavior concerns: The defray that they buy in Chinese net every time decreased, but the net buys a frequency to become more frequent. In before 9 months last year, the Russian that buys from Chinese net issued order on average 4 times each; But this year the corresponding period, average per capita orders 7 times.

The report s

ays, the Russian buys every order defray from Chinese net average it is 830 ruble. But among them, the order of Muscovite netizen pays the specified amount on average is 931 ruble, sanket is 892 ruble. Pay the specified amount on average of far east netizen highest, it is 1000 ruble about.

According to Yandex dragnet station finance channel introduces, a year in the past half since, about 40 China are large and medium-sized electric business platform and this website pay platform the butt joint, include AliExpress, capital among them east wait with TradeEase. At present still business of 20 China cable is negotiating butt joint matters concerned.

Ruffian section is a festival that rises in Chinese popularity in recent years, inn of Chinese a lot of net can roll out activity of large-scale sales promotion that day, became as similar on Friday as American black large shopping section.

The report says, 2014, foreign commodity is 5 billion dollar in the sale on the net of Russia, among them the sale of 70% comes from Chinese net inn. Russia is postal received inn of net of about 50 million China to lap 2014, increased one times than 2013.

(original title: Russian intermediary: The Russian also loves double 11 buy from Chinese net will add to 20 times)


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