Japan drafts formulate " conspire a blame " law cooperates international society to fear step instead

Local time on November 18, french police is started chase Paris to fear raiding incident suspect operation, erupt in Parisian north suburb gunfight. According to the message of police, the constituent leader that gunfight the other side may be assault of this Paris horror Abodule - Hamideabaaode.

In report will occupy new network on November 19 outside intermediary report, incident of French Paris horror makes Japan consider actively, those who cooperate international society fear step instead, formulate calls the law that conspires a blame. This one act encounters public opinion rebounds before this, afraid meeting causes excessive surveillance, privative countryman is free. Japanese media points out 18 days, parisian incident rings an alarm bell to Japan, will make authorities accelerate pace formulate relevant law.

According to the report, u.N. crossed a country to organize guilty convention through blow in November 2000, requirement signatory concludes conspire a blame. Although Japan signed concerned pact, dan Chi conspires a blame without formulate behindhand.

2014, japan is in office the party wants to punish law amendment in order to refer constituent crime to create this law for a time, but midway suffers the opposition of public opinion and abandon.

The report says, after Parisian horror makes a surprise attack, japanese premier brings times advance 3 already gave orders country of premier government office installs bureau promotion to fear a mechanism instead, and be in office interior of Dang Zimin party also is discussing formulate actively to conspire a law at present.

Grow Gu Yuanzhen to make clear from civilian party a secretary in charge of sth: Japanese next year will hold 8 countries peak to meet. If do not have enough information, cannot make comprehensive correspondence.

Zheng Yan of vice-president tall village also points out on one press conference: Want comprehensive promotion to fear a mechanism instead, must have comprehensive law.

Japan produces classics news 18 days to utter a word, say Paris fears raiding incident to will make Japanese authorities more sufficient reason formulate conspires a law. Because this one law can let Japan and international fear more is communicated instead, conduce puts an end to terrorist to slip into.

Tokyo was about to sponsor an Olympic Games 2020, the confidential information office that Japanese authorities is necessary to be the same as bureau of the affection in the

United States and England cooperates. Formulate conspires a blame law, ask for conduce Japan to other country fear information instead.

Produce classics news also talk of official of quote Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out, horrible organization places in a certain position to be 15 thousand person to control in the combatant estimation of world each district before half an year, figure now already exceeded 20 thousand person. The message says, japanese authorities decides, in the budget that increases next year, increase to fear funds instead. In addition, also will be in before next year 8 countries peak can be held, create

the office that gathers information technically.


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