Is Iraqi great victory adumbrative IS doomsday? Head hair word should suffer from a day too (graph)

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aragraph of hard time, all over the world by Mohammedan country (the lane of horrible assault warning of IS) gets one Jing one suddenly during, head IS Bagdad enlighten this word invites person bellyful suspicion.

Data chart: Iraqi soldier is in 27 days Lamadi is inserted near downtown on ensign.

27 days of ask a question say network of news of American cable television: This is the bugle of the battle, be still acedia sound?

Iraqi army makes a statement 28 days, announce to already brought this country Ba Er to save provincial capital to pull Ma Di to be liberated completely from inside IS hand.

This is considered as to hit the major victory of IS, germany " Lai mattress Post " think, IS has lost energy, will turn to defence from aggression from this. On many battlefront, it is with the whole world enemy IS faces enormous pressure, its domain is narrowing, carry oily motorcade

is blown up ceaselessly, account is sealed dead gradually.

Will the doomsday of IS come? German sound points out, this city has recover extremely high indicative content, ever the IS of extremely arrogant moves toward the road that die out at this point likely. What IS is installing Ba Er province to pitch a camp to already was amounted to 2 years is long, in this common Buddhist nun weighing abdicate sends trigonometry area, IS uses Iraqi abdicate Buddhist nun to send the intense concern between the Iraqi government of position of dominant of the Xie Pazhan that be the same as assorted, ceaseless and outspread force. Time passes and the situation has changed, now, local people changes at all with the relation happening between IS. Stem from ferocious to IS act fear and resent, the big tribe of this area is the same as terrorist already people pulled open a distance. The report thinks at the same time, although make a large number of effort, but so far, ma Liji's sequela currently holds the post ofpremier Abadi to fail to make abdicate Buddhist nun is sent feel gas is suitable. Abdicate Buddhist nun sends great majority to still feel anxious to future of his politics, society, continue to make the soil of social contradiction and denomination, racial conflict thereby, make IS continues there is a crack to take use of.

(Original title: Is Iraqi great victory adumbrative IS doomsday? The head sends a word to had wanted to suffer from a day)

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