Is Aobama held 2015 eventually press conference: ? Is play of raw meat or fish pure qualitative quiet smoke?

The sound that occupies China " news late height " report, bask in report to media, often be presidents routine works end of the year. Beijing of general of afterwards Russia president end of the year after news check congress, local time 18, american president Aobamanian eventually the press conference is held in the White House, check rises 2015, aobama's fundamental key is hopeful, have a bit even small be proud charming.

Turn over Aobama sum up this end of the year, the word that uses him himself says, the United States obtains a series of result, for instance: Economy lasts to drove nearly 200 countries as legalization of marriage of get warm again after a cold spell, same sex, successfully as the country such as China to manage problem of nucleus of climate change agreement, Yi comprehensive agreement is reached, establish diplomatic relations with Cuba etc. Broadcasting station of China International broadcast is stationed in American reporter Lv Xiaogong to watch the hopeful fundamental key that reveals among them.

Lv Xiaogong thinks, without doubt, the governmental finance budget of the 10 thousand much dollar that congress just carries, give a New Year of Aobama's president great gift namely simply. Well-known, washington politics two polarization trend once for a time at swords' points arrives force governmental share to close, also let Aobama's president become the person with 2013 year the most frustrated Washington, geomantic nevertheless turning by turns still is quite fast really. Two years are lain between when, aobama's president neatlies arranged is the personage with this year the most successful Washington. Above all he points out, american economy anabiosises continuously, obtain employment number increases ceaselessly. Be in the United States after quantifying the loose policy that help city to exit, beautiful couplet store the extremely low interest rate that just announced to rise to had been maintained near 10 years recently. All these meant American economy to had walked out of the lair of financial crisis thoroughly, in global economy low still fan, below the situation that burgeoning economy system faces transition predicament, american economy one branch alone beautiful. In diplomatic respect, paris enrages Hou agreement, international society 5+1 is the same as the agreement of Yi nucleus problem that Iran reachs, aobama's president is in with Cuba president Laoerkasiteluo the historic handclasp that America

country leads a peak to be able to go up, still have cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate to wait a moment, it is Aobama's president 2015 the most dazzling achievement on report.

Right coming 2016, aobama expresses to be full of unprecedented confidence, divulge future is in office one year working key, will include to continue to drive congress to approve " cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate " TPP. Achievement also often can have a regret, still perhaps want the part of effort. So, how does Aobama look?

The whole world of at present take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly fears a situation instead, hit the martial operation that organizes Mohammedan country extremely especially, it is Aobama does not hide one this year to also circle the commonplace that does not drop.

Aobama says, we can beat Mohammedan state certainly, destroy them systematically, sever supply line, cut off financing source, kill constituent head, destroy martial force and infrastructure.

In American home, after case of Na Dinuo pop produces California emperor shellfish, american society pays close attention to information branch how to fear raiding clew from gregarious network know centrally, the information of gregarious Zhang number that more and more congressman appeal to the government examines all application to go to beautiful visa personnel. To this Aobama emphasized the complexity of this matter, confirm the branch is in all the time related the United States publicly also information of monitoring socialization website.

Aobama expresses, the illicit close communication between the information that a person passes gregarious Zhang date to be released publicly and gregarious Zhang date this is two different matters. Information and execute the law the official already was examining gregarious Zhang date often to send post content publicly, but illicit secret information involves privacy to protect a problem. Public opinion of the United States a few years ago is heated up continuously discuss whether governmental monitoring is too much, expression must resemble elder brother, the action that must ensure information branch is adopted now so has legal authorization and be supervised, the government is cooperating with high-tech company, discuss should browbeat to fearing raiding with optimal and legal means.

And the middle east of scan widely give a lot of care, aobama thinks at present Syrian problem faces opportunity, each just hope to drive Syria to realize cease-fire and politics to transfer. Presidential Asade already lost lawful sex, he will must nonofficeholding, but emphasize each abroad handing in officials to must find method to found politics to transfer at the same time process, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of as close as relation of A Sa heart Russia and Iran gets respect. In reporters meaning still below unexhausted circumstance, the topic of conversation of abstruse Ba Ma turns, mention the motion picture and release the spot with this vamoose.

Aobama says, very apparent press conference is not today the thing with the most important the White House, the family member that we want to be soldier of U.S. Army of be killed in battle here and child show newest motion picture " strategic defense initiative " . So our press conference can as far as possible to make a long story short.

In international of Chinese people university Jin Canrong of relation college assistant dean looks, of hopeful fundamental key small be proud charming is adscititious those who leave a tail did not reply difficult problem, the year that made Aobama is in office of the report complete spell a plan.

Jin Canrong is analysed, american economy restores or compare ideal, comparing Europe, Japan to compare affirmation is to be close friends a few, this is Aobama's worth while and proud place. The Aobama on international is controlling hegemonic cost, small before Bush abuses American power, want to hit to who hit, the result runs to hit Iraq, hit Syria, be like not quite good wind up now. To Aobama, it is right that individual of golden Can flourish thinks to talk way always, but he also encounters a lot of difficulty, his executive force seems to have a problem, protect e.g. cure but a lot of city is not carried out,passed, the development that there are a lot of situations on international beyond his anticipation, IS is diversionary he, he still left very enormous military affairs power to be in that. Press conference of presidential the White House has a regret, how didn't Aobama answer a question, taking a family member to look " strategic defense initiative 7 " went, jin Canrong guesses Aobama is to want to take a hopefu

l fundamental key probably, phut went, go Hawaiian travel went, without the link that the reporter enquires.

2016 is Aobama last years of lieutenancy, career of the White House, to Aobama, stabilize domestic banking, make manufacturing industry regression, drive cure to protect take care of a poor take delight in talking about of these act it may be said; In the meantime, show the executive force inadequacy that go out and the things go contrary to one's wishes of a few unexpected, also became him to be in office the link that in examining a process, does not avoid.

Soon general election will come, to the issue that who will replace the White House of him in control of 2017, aobama says he is certain " this is sure is " of a person of the Democratic Party, because the the Democratic Party agrees with him more likely,develop to American future wish scene. To the United States of instantly, arteries and veins of person of clannish and executive force, harmonious, experience which is more important? What kind of leader does the United States need truly again?

Jin Canrong analyses the opportunity of personages of American political circles and challenge from the general election process of instantly and political elite library. The opportunity that he sees Hillary overcome Lin Du from current civilian mix is the greatest. What leader does the United States need? My individual feels is the leader that has political experience quite, aobama's president is very clever, his policy orientaton is right roughly, but too tender after all, too young, seem to carry out force to give an issue next. The United States has actually very young, very outstanding politician. The reliance that I can say to at present Hillary gets only is opposite more, her opportunity is accordingly greater.


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