Intermediary exposes to the sun outside low-key Vietnam gambling house draws Chinese rich and powerful person every week 25 charter flight (graph)

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to expose to the sun does low-key Vietnam gambling house draw Chinese rich and powerful person every week 25 charter flight (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-12-08 09:0 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Intermediary says outside, vietnam small-sized gambling house is depending on a seaside sunshine, beach and low-key, drew more China rich and powerful person than competitor of a lot of southeast Asia.

On November 28, 2015, exterior of Crown International Games Club of

Xian harbor gambling house.

Will report on December 7 according to Reuter, the person beyond Xian harbor has heard of Crown International Games Club rarely, this gambling house is private have, those who be located in Xian harbor to developing quickly is main go vacationing village area. Go one year in, this gambling house makes the choice that Chinese plute has rich colour is stimulated most.

The report says, the rise of this low-key gambling house just meets always the bigger, famouser competitor such as Beijing of new Pu of benefit Macao, Macao downhill. Line of business of variety of your Macao rich suffers Chinese anti-corruption concussion.

This is the case of a test with low-key gambling house sensational expression, asian rich colour seeks advice from company IGamiX to manage say of copartner Ben Lee. I had not heard other gambling house can organize 25 charter flight that come from China every week.

The report says, this gambling house is not famous and likely the source does not wish to make Xian harbor conduct propaganda destination of colour of a rich at Vietnam government. Vietnam is socialistic coun

try, only foreign talent is allowed to gamble in this country.

Of Crown possessory it is Chinese businessman Hui Kong, it is one of gambling house that Vietnam has license plate 7 times.

The report says, this gambling house has the hall and 13 VIP room, size is Macao about 1/4 of average gambling house, but the industry is in charge of those who predict its every months high to clinch a deal the forehead is in 3 billion dollar raised in a year in the past, it is bound of Philippine Solaire, Kampuchea gold accuses at least (NagaCorp) wait for dimensions with Malaysia Genting Highlands double of bigger competitor.

The main purpose that a lot of people come here now is gamble, the say of James Yang of chief inspector of market of hotel of imperial crown holiday on the side of Crown. The Chinese guest of this hotel is very much, the hotel has sauna, card to pull OK peace conference to tell the employee of Chinese.

The report says, had been Xian harbor is the biggest here go vacationing village area, send a plan according to the reopen of a 600 million dollar, the guest room amount here will break up time, still will open hotel of a person of extraordinary powers of a JW10000 and a duty-free shopping center newly, this gambling house also can expand.

(original title: Outside intermediary: ? The Jiao that steal Bian is unoccupied place? of delay of  of discharge of  of some ∥  is weekly 25 charter flight)

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