Hotel of the capital in the horse assaults incident at least 22 people die

Xinhua News Agency amounts to Er of noise made in coughing or vomiting on November 20 report (reporter Wang Meng) information of Ba Ma branch: According to Malian all door is newest the news that announce, the assault event that beautiful sheng hotel produces division of Ba Ma of the capital in the horse 20 days already caused at least 22 people to die, specific casualties circumstance still is in statistic.

Say according to eyewitness, local time 20 days morning 7 when the left and right sides, charger takes license plate of a diplomacy to car reachs beautiful sheng public house and shoot to hotel security personnel fire, enter hotel interior subsequently. Have report, about 170 guests inside the hotel and employee are buckled to be hostage.

Salifutelaaolei of minister of municipal and safe ministry says in the horse, army of the special type in the horse in the morning 9 when the left and right sides launchs rescuing operation to the hotel, get those who come from France and army of American special type assist subsequently. Up to that da

y afternoon 4 when, the hotel already did not have hostage to be buckled, include 2 charger insi

de 15 people die, additionally 6 people get hurt. But secure armed forces is announced subsequently in the horse, dead number at least 22 people.

Independent movement of creed of Er of contest of horrible organization offer is being pushed go up especially release a message to allege made this assault event.

Creed of offer contest Er moves to ever launched horrible assault for many times in Ma Li independently. This year on March 7, the pop event that in the capital in the horse a dining-room produces also is this organization place for, at least 5 people die in pop incident. (Be over)


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