Holand parliament resolution is driven school learn a car but " fleshy countervail " coach application quantity is cruel add

Login register resolution of parliament of Holand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to drive school learn a car but " fleshy countervail " is coach application quantity cruel add origin: ? ?2015-12-24 08:3 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the message according to Holand government respect, 5 times increase before application quantity is compared.

According to Holand news (Dutchnews) the website will report this state on December 14 an astonishing resolution drives the parliament school coach can replace cash to collect fees with sexual redound. This one message causes media big clang, about one week later (21 days) , each country media is eristic in succession. He Fen pauses the subhead of Post is meaning of Ride For A Ride change a paragraph of distance to can come with the gender, CNN report says: Go Dutch had new interest now, because European male begins to emerge to Holand, hand over hold the position of draw school coach application. According to the message of Holand government respect, 5 times increase before application quantity is compared.

Foreign netizen expresses, such word changes the job to go rapidly Holand should drive coach ah!

So next setting L is Holand train car to mark

In Holand, it is lawful that the gender trades and get of legal control, sexual worker is regarded as individual manage and can release advertisement publicly on newspaper and network. However this one requirement must want to be put forward by the coach, in obtain after agreeing, ability undertakes.

To the new code that publishs this, assemblyman of party of alliance of Holand standpatter christian Saigesi day is forward parliamentary inquiry: Whether does this action break the law? The answer that after

the parliament holds hearing of witnesses, gives out is not to break the law. Parliament make such decision, advocate the viewpoint that if listened to root of sea of Ni of Milan of Holand transportation head of a department and attorney general,A Desi wears Er. They think, if student puts forward what break the law namely actively to exchange course with the gender, because this is to using a gender to replace coin, belong to walk the street; If the coach puts forward actively to exchange course with sexual redound, tuition is reflected with the form of sexual behavior, do not calculate break the law. Holand parliament expresses in relevant statement, although this kind of practice is legal, but this kind of sex that the coach asks student is offerred pays must be safety, do not have a harm to communal sanitation.

Saigesi returns inquiry the detail that breaks the law partly among them, if student respect raises this one question actively,break the law for instance, involve a student to may serve charter without relevant sex among them, create coital easy field possibly escape secretly evade taxation.

Adesidaier reiterates root of sea of Ni of Milan of Holand transportation head of a department and attorney general, this one resolution is not encourage replace coin with sexual behavior, be exchanged however with sexual behavior drive course, and initiator must be a coach is not student.

(original title: Holand parliament passes resolution: Behavior of usability of charge learning a car compensates for Holand drives school coach to file a volume cruel add)

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