Flower much name lies bottom police becomes sensation of female of diddle of hunt colourful ace

British London police station publishs an excuse statement 20 days, admit many police is carried out lie false play is done really when bottom task, diddle female by guarder feeling, with happening of the other side the relation bears the child even.

[hunter becomes hunt colourful past master unexpectedly]

This one scandal involves 5 polices, time span from on 80 time come the century 2010.

These constabulary be subordinate to belong to th

e department that has disbanded two now, the task is to infiltrate be regarded as radical civilian group interior to should lie by police bottom.

England " defend a newspaper " exposure, carry out lie during bottom task, fall in love with a few female members of civilian group actually when thing police, have sex, cause the other side to be pregnant even parturient, went finally however.

They and the Luo Man of these females history short criterion a year half, long criterion 9 years. These polices are returned special respect property, did not reveal true identity first and last, after coming to an end, disappear sadly.

2010, lie after Kennedy of bottom police mark is identified by civilian group, scandal just begins in succession exposure. He ever was in conceal of total of group of many environmental protection 7 years, concern with at least 3 female happening.

Alias tells for the fall victim woman of Li Sa Qiongsi " defend a newspaper " , she and Kennedy get along 6 years, discover opposite party is real gradually the process of the identity the torment as endless, slow, anguish, true psychology is tormented. He is my closest person, he understands me than anybody, and I think I also understand him than who originally, jones says.

Constabulary Bob 80 time pretend to be the century on Lambert animal right Maecenas and environmental protection person, infiltrate civilian group 4 years, concern with 4 female happening, include Bei Lin to amount to Harvey. Two people get along 18 months, and the ability after Ha Weizhi arrives 20 years is informed Lambert is a police actually.

Elegant Ji Ye and Lambert be passionately in love, still give birth to next son with him. But, become the child two years old when, lambert casts next their mothers suddenly child, have never been heard of since. 2012, namely Lambert disappears after 24 years, other place of meaning of elegant female singer discovered the true identity of child father from newspaper, have thereby stricken, so that must accept psychotherapy. He is wearing a long hair, radical like left wing person same, say oneself call Bob Lu Bin abdicate, her recall.

Er of Yi of constabulary Jim rich is in since 1995 the bottom lies 5 years inside environmental protection and organization of animal right protection, be delivered of two children with a female member.

[police admits to encroach human rights badly]

Female of 7 fall victim sued 5 to become thing police to the court 2011.

Yi of Ding Xiu of horse of director of assistant of London police station makes a statement 20 days especially, the concern that says to become thing police and fall victim woman contains affront gender, deceit sex, hold charge gender and wrong sex, ought not to happen forever originally. He is without reservation to apologize to fall victim female on behalf of police.

Cease Yi says especially, in afore-mentioned incident, it is to lie entirely bottom police seeks fall victim woman actively, they are deceived completely. Apparent, these polices may use the kind-hearted nature of these females, operate overly their feeling. They encroached female human rights, abuse constabulary powers and authorities of office, cause serious scar.

7 victims and the accused police were reached last year settled out of court obtain economy to compensate for. " defend a newspaper " report, elegant Ji Huo gets London police to exceed 400 thousand pound (add up to 610 thousand dollar about) compensation. Cease Yi says especially: I am clear, money cannot compensate the time that they lose, harm that get and

the feeling that insult.

Female of 7 fall victim says in statement, police is put in the sexual discrimination on system. Although apologize to be able to 't offset the harm that they get with economic compensation, but the acknowledge a mistake manner that they approbate police.

These females still criticise police purpose is tried with cases of all sorts of method block up before. Cease Yi spy admits in statement, litigant process has interference, your plaintiff square anguish, increased the pain that they get.

Other be decieved the female had be notted reach with police reconcile.

England is municipal plum of Sha of chancellery spy bud has given orders, to be opposite since the century on police of civilian group lie heart operation undertakes becoming independent investigating. Police says, lie without approval absolutely bottom police and be had sex by surveillant object. Cease Yite admits, in these scandal, police presence is supervised and manage error. He is warned at the same time, if the police will be carried out henceforth,lie when bottom task recurrent this kind of circumstance, can be sued.


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