Exposure of picture of IS of blow of a group of planes of Russia strategy bomb (graph / video)

Shaoyigu announces Russia defense minister 17 days, russia decides to employ long-range strategy bomber, take off from mainland participate in action of Syrian air attack, will gain air attack strength for double original, already made the plan of new air attack action that organizes Mohammedan country in the light of appraise churchyard extreme.

Strategic bomb a group of planes strikes IS picture

Strategic bomb a group of planes strikes IS picture

On the meeting of the Russian video that defend a department that held that day, beijing of general of Gu Xiange of carry on Yi's president expresses, russian army will employ bomber of 25 long-range strategies, from native land takeoff development Syrian whole area carries out blow to terrorist, still will use long-range air in air attack action base cruise missile. The cruiser of Muscovite date missile in Mediterranean You Yi will be in to Russia the air base of appraise is offerred covering.

In addition, russia still uses aggrandizement at what horror of antagonism appraise churchyard organizes reconnoiter to defend asterism. Include civil satellite inside 10 spacecraft scout the radio that finish and image scouts, count a satellite to already was finished among them change course and new fixed position.

Shaoyigu says, was in that day graph - 160, graph - 95MC, graph - below the participation of bomber of 22 long-range strategies, already finished 82 sortie air strike. Long-range air is used first in air attack base cruise missile, destroy include terrorist to lead 140 causes inside the place. Predict to will complete 127 sortie bomb that day, destroy 206 targets.

Case of armament chief of the general staff pulls Russia Ximofu says, presently the air attack action that day makes appraise government army be able to all fronts is attacked north, strap in A save quite recapture 40 dwellers spot.

General Beijing commands on video conference cruiser of Muscovite date missile gets in touch with French army, the associated move that represents Russia to just just should consider to make blow appraise horror organize with the law plans, finish jointly counteract maritime blow to ac

t for nothing.

Boertenikefu of director of Russian federal security bureau announces 16 days, exploder brings about A321 of Russian empty guest plane to be in Egypt on the west Nai peninsula crash. Subsequently general Beijing expresses to will strengthen Russian army to be in further air strike strength of Syria.

Should Syrian government demand, the target carries out the Mohammedan country that Russia will begin pair of appraise churchyard on September 30 air attack. Up to now, armed forces of Russian empty sky to Mohammedan country the target launchs air attack nearly 1900 times, destroy Mohammedan country to make an appointment with 2700 to include headquarters, ammunition depot and the martial target that train a center to wait inside in appraise.

(original title: Russ

ia head a group of planes of bomb of strategy exposing to the sun strikes IS picture)

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