Earthy president appeals with general Beijing talks again: Do not wish the problem upgrades further (graph)

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[earthy president appeals with general Beijing talks again: Do not wish the problem upgrades further] general Beijing signs punish to make that day, turkey president Aierduoan is expressed to regret by down be related with respect to Russian opportunity for combat first. Afp says, aierduoan publishs heretofore to pacify sexual opinion on public affairs most, he says: We feel sad really, we hope this thing never has happened, but still happened, hope such thing is not recurrent. Aierduoan still says: We hope with Russia the problem between won't upgrade further, become harmful, produce terrible consequence. He appeals again hold during Parisian climate congress with general Beijing talk face-to-face.

Russia opportunity for combat by 2015-11-25 of Turkey army down

The BBC says, 27 days of Aierduoan still warn Moscow not to play with fire in Syrian action, but be in 28 days, he expresses to smash Russia opportunity for combat sad, nevertheless he still rejects to apologize to Russia. Hong Kong " Na Hua morning paper " say 29 days, this is Aierduoandi expresses regret desire with respect to down Russia opportunity for combat, also be north makes an appointment with opportunity for combat of Russia of down of member first time since half century. Aierduoan has called actively twice to general Beijing, but refuse, the reason is Turkey is short of an apology.

29 days, turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu expresses, will turn over to Moscow by the Russia of down army the remains of air man of opportunity for combat. This air man dies when encroaching territorial air, we received his body in border last night, amount to Wuteao before Lu Zaili opens Istanbul to go to Brussels and European Union

leader to meet, say to the reporter. He still expresses, delegate of a Russia will be very fast before be being represented with Turkey army, toward Hadayinabude the area finishs remains to join a course. 24 days, russia revive - 24 opportunity for combat are in Syria and Turkey border area by Turkey down, parachute of two crewman eject, among them one person is descending die from ground pop in the process by the armed element of Syrian churchyard.

Face Turkey respect to had been shown, russian new company says 29 days, russian assemblyman thinks, aierduoan is trying to straighten the relation with Russia, its reason is revive - the position that 24 incident changed his home infirmly. Russian federal committee (on courtyard) Kelincaiweiji of the first vice-chairman weighs national defence and safe committee: The throne that is like Aierduoan it seems that by shake, even his own country also does not understand him. Kelincaiweiji thinks, aierduoan is sad is not revive - incident of 24 opportunity for combat, however the Russia reaction to incident. Russia and Turkey relation had been crossed so called do not put in a line 's charge.

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