Does Paris fear raiding chief instigator doubt to there is contact person Birmingham to be nodded into the nest in England?

British media explodes 5 days makings say, a murderer that participates in horror of series of production France Paris to make a surprise attack ever appeared in British capital London and Birmingham of the 2nd big city first year after year today, be like with doubt put-up the staff meeting that in British churchyard the plan fears raiding incident.

England " defend a newspaper " if cite fears an official instead, report, after England is being slipped into before this extreme organizes a few months of Mohammedan state armed staff, be in respectively London and meeting of Birmingham and other, and latter has intent and ability to organize plan or assistance to begin terror in England.

Report, british security bureau and police fear an official be opposite at present instead the personnel that with this extreme armed personnel has met launchs investigation.

From last year by August since, england all the time international terroristic minatory grade is maintained in austere, those who be next to the superlative degree is extremely austere, mean horrible assault the risk is quite high. After Paris fears raiding incident happening, british premier wears Weikameilun to ever expressed, the horrible and minatory extremely urgent that England is faced with. He says, go one year, britis

h police and safe branch frustrated at least 7 cases horrible assault conspire, their or and Mohammedan country are put in correlation, or is caused by the propagandist bewitch place of Mohammedan country.

This month 2 days, the courtyard below British parliament is in after through 10 many the hour argues, be in to government of 223 bills authorization with 397 tickets Syrian air attack is Mohammedan country.

[is Birmingham nodded into the nest? ]

" defend a newspaper " the same day that reports a furnace, the United States " wall street daily " if cite west fears an official instead, also say, parisian series fears raiding incident chief instigator, Mo

roccan descendants Belgian Abodule - of Hamideabawude and England of many bodies part.

The official that these do not wish to publish a full name says, the personnel that contacts with Abawude is in Birmingham area centrally, person of wh some of which is Moroccan descendants.

Be aimed at the view of media, the police of county of sago heart Lan Ci that Birmingham city is in is advanced Makusibier responds to the official say, they had noticed relevant report content, place fears an official keeping close with the person of the same trade of London instead communicate, it is what France and Belgium are spreading out to fear investigation providing necessary assistance instead.

Afp report, birmingham has had extreme armed personnel, mohammedan country acts because come from over there,Hou of heart of advanced head Zhu Nai surpasses the branch. (border client carries Xin Huaguo of draft of Yan Jie spy)


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