British man length of foot 40 centimeters " crural big shoe is expensive " into block up of to apply for a job

According to England " lens signs up for " will report on November 4, england is called Kaergelifeisai (the length of foot of 23 years old of men of Carl Griffiths) amounts to 39.5 centimeters, be asked to be tailor-made working shoe to pay 843 pound by unit of to apply for a job when near future to apply for a job (add up to a RMB about 8176 yuan of) , so high price makes his bear hard.

It is reported, the Carl that storehouse administrator holds the position of during grooming's hourly wage is less than 70 yuan, but set to abide by healthy safety, he must additional and custom-built shoe of work of head of a pair of iron. Carl expresses: This price is too unusual, I bear not to rise really, perhaps they feel my crural yard is old also unusual. His complement says, I always expend idea on the problem of the shoe, a pair of shoes are pile

d up before a bit small already worn-out, hold manufacturer in the palm to have something made to order need 1300 pound at least (add up to a RMB about 12592 yuan of) . Finally, a beneficent orgnaization of local expresses to be willing to pay this pen fee for Carl, help its solve inaugural problem.

(original title: British man length of foot big shoe of 40 centimeters of feet is expe

nsive into block up of to apply for a job)


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