Atmosphere organization: The end of the year will show since 1950 incident of weather of Ni Nuo of the strongest ell

International is online message: World Meteorological Organization releases news announcement 16 days to say in Geneva, the basis is newest monitor, one matures and Nuo is forming powerful ell Buddhist nun, predict to will be in the end of the year gets be strengtheninged further this year. This will be 1950 one of incident of weather

of Ni Nuo of the strongest ell s


The observation of World Meteorological Organization shows, the eastpart part of 3 months intertropical Pacific Ocean and mid offing are average recently water is warm will exceed 2 ℃ , tropics and semi-tropical area also begin to appear severe drought and flood, this is the main feature when ell Ni Nuo is formed. On the news briefing that held that day, mixieeryaluo expresses secretary-general of World Meteorological Organization: We pay close attention to current ell Ni Nuo very much. A Jiangeerninuo is being formed, a few months still can enhance future further. We know, ell Ni Nuo is formed below the interaction with Pacific Ocean seawater and complex air, to the whole world metropolis generation is affected.

Before this, 1972-1973 year, 1982-1983 year, 1997 -1998 year ever had appeared 3 times Jiangeerninuo. Ell Ni Nuo's most apparent effect brings about air temperature to lift namely, it is a the hottest a particular year likely next year so. Additional, ell Ni Nuo still appears those who bring about extreme weather, wait like arid, rainstorm, flood, the society that affects the mankind then lives. Elegant Luo Jian is discussed, get the job that affects the most serious country to should strengthen atmosphere and hydrology branch, had done in the domain such as agriculture, fishery, fountainhead and sanitation answer preparation, executive calamity manages, in order to save life, reduce what pecuniary loss and place cause to destroy.

Elegant collect say, climate change makes the whole world marine also present calefacient trend. The climate that Nuo phenomenon and human activity cause abiogenesis ell Buddhist nun changes may interaction, affect interactively with a kind of new way that never has had. He says, the last few years, people had farther knowledge to phenomenon of ell Ni Nuo, but know as a whole very finite still, this still is an uncharted territory.

(original title: World Meteorological Organization forecasts: Incident of weather of Ni Nuo of the 4th the strongest ell will appear by this year)


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