After well dream shows suffer a setback, player of the Olympic Games before the Japan that uncover secret is become today 3 accompany a young lady (graph)

Log onto player of the Olympic Games before registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to uncover secret Japan after well dream shows suffer a setback, become today 3 accompany a young lady (graph) origin: ? Gou Po?2015-12-07 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

According to the report, female star of 27 years old of photo of Japanese today Jing Menglou is ski talent girl in former days, 14 years old seize national champion, 18 years old attend 2006 Du Lin Olympic Winter Games, fall in preliminary contest however fall into disuse, disappoint compatriots expects, oneself also the heart suffers achieve, life consequently take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, indulge

cowboy inn, wait a moment when 2 abortive of muster young woman, suicide, short-lived marriage, abortion, ethereal program explodes greatly at a heat before makings.

Today Jing Menglou

To prepare red package money is become muster daughter (3 accompany a young lady)

She divulges in player flourishing period the month enters 3 million days of money (about 156 thousand RMB) , dan Dong abstruse failure is mothball suffer send troops to punish, dare not talk about worry to the friend, be forced to seek solace to cowboy inn, ever 1 day drops 5 million days of money with respect to the flower (about 260 thousand RMB) , already paralytic to money, discover suddenly one of these day impecunious, but the friend does not know her get into trouble, still regard her as rich dream dew, when she attends wedding, still say to expect your red bag for fun please, her slap one's face until it's swollen in an effort to look imposing, want to say to want to include 100 thousand day money at least, one horizontal stroke took the heart muster stands, worked 3 days, put money to drop a person with respect to demit, 3 days earn 150 thousand days of money in all (about 7800 RMBs) . There is publication of magazine of the Eight Diagrams t

o give what she sells outside hotel to take a picture secretly later, to this she says in the program, think to there is blinkers when the match at that time, the guest should not admit to give her, after-thought rises now, can say age only small, idea is too innocent.

Commit suicide of Ceng Zheng form is broken 2 degrees marriage

Because she is exploded to walk the street, state of body and mind more flooey, thought of occurrence commit suicide, drink wrist is cut in faintness of the consciousness after swallowing sleeping pill, person of favour good friend discovers to her home send medical service her, but be betrayed by trustful person again later and break down, around makes an appointment with suicidal abortive 10 times, until just come down smoothly when mom. The Feng Zicheng when she is 22 years old marriage, only 8 months divorce, lie between year remarry because of be pregnant again, it is this to last 10 months; Have 1 with Yo of the 1st former husband child, the 2nd paragraph of marriage conceived twin, among them fetal without the upper part of the body, ahead of schedule 3 months paunch is delivered of the daughter that is less than 1 kilogram, later calm bear the Ceng Liu before giving birth to the 2nd embryo is produced and meet with contracts cervix cancer.

Confirm player village hair is sure to cover

She returns confess to break money plastics 3 million days, include to cut bone, cut bazoo of double-fold eyelid, grand, pat market of the photo that reveal hair, DVD then, measure is quite bold, ever gave an autobiography to disclose relevant content 2012, reduce controversy figure from the Olympic Games player of figure front, fortune lets person sigh. She explodes in the raise the quota on the program the day before yesterday laborious of Olympic Games secret, player village can send insurance to cover, still mascot appeals everybody wants to use contraceptive, the so longest after all that wait for in player village 2 weeks, where cannot go, can be done without the thing, she said to also take insurance to cover, it is to take outfit snow to play however, after changing, the snow be in harmony in cotton padding becomes water polo, him suggestion does not have Zuo quadrature.

(original title: Fall of player of the Olympic Games before Japan 3 accompany a young lady to meet with cowboy bleed white is miserable walk the street)

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