Why Germany wants to receive silent of refugee case study to overcome Er to become a Syrian " Mom "

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Mokeer became the Syrian's Mom

By tens of thousands middle east refugee, risking life danger to pass through Mediterranean, swarm into Europe. Nowadays, mokeer became their hero. Face what since World War II ends Europe greets the biggest refugee is wet, german premier shows infrequent leader strength: She did not give orders canal of tighten border land accuses, also did not take the reason absolve of dimensional insecurity. Regard Europe as the powerful nation of the first of all, germany announces, will accept 800 thousand refugee this year, it is 4 times what received a number 2014. German government this is to place palpability to want to embrace refugee tide. Nowadays, the refugee people send Mokeer a new name: Mom silent overcomes Er.

Mokeer is acted according to to be mom by the refugee

On August 24, silent overcame Er government to make the most important decision in this crisis: Announce will take refugee the Syrian book that enter a country according to Dublin regulation no longer the country of the first European Union that applicant repatriate enters to them. In addition, germany returns cancel all driving out the decision of Syrian refugee. This one choice of Mokeer gets the support of European Union committee, be known as the with one action that respects European solidarity overall situation.

Is Mokeer what benevolence to be sent greatly?

However, advanced before long, mokeer's figure has not had the milk of human kindness so. When Greek be close to Europe, government of Germany of along with of silent gram Er insists to want Greek accept Shu to surround plan, behave fine long hair is uncompromisingly, although this means common and Greek people,should swallow more a bitter pill to swallow. So, the issue came, why is Mokeer abrupt sympathize with a heart to be sent greatly?

Mokeer ever offended emigrant little girl cry

Two big factors control Mokeer to treat the manner of the refugee: The first, include silent to overcome him Er inside German, go 70 years, what deep experience aids to stranger bestow is precious. Afterwar, germany in former days the country such as enemy state, United States, rebuild for Germany contributive know clearly is many financial capacity material resources. Silent overcomes Er to be born in Germany, grow to fall in Russia influence however east heart, berlin wall collapses that year with a loud crash, germany neighbour not plan past grudge, admit them. What Cornelius says the author Stephen of autobiography of Er of gram of silent of no less than: Mokeerte fastens understanding to escape the refugee of chaos caused by war is experienced, on this thing, need not oppugn her moral motive completely.

The 2nd big factor and moral sentiment have nothing to do: Admit master technology, educated refugee, this itself is helpful for pulling move German economy. German birthrate is low, german mouth fast atrophy, and German machine needs more worker.

German choice will affect whole Europe

Mokeer is right of the refugee include will produce tremendous effect to European each country. Germany sought leader status, chairman of association of European foreign relations is evaluated, germany can say, for European solidarity, when facing Russia, germany will stand together with hamster. Same, germany can tell these the state likewise, corresponding, go up for the problem in immigrant, you also should keep consistent with Europe.

Face emigrant crisis, british expression still calculates active. Before this, england emphasizes doing not have the ground repeatedly. Critical sound is increasing, arrived on September 3, originally strong blocks Mei Lun deeply pressure, show the sign of release what is held. British official discloses, cameron also feels, england should receive thousands of refugee again. Still have official suggestion, photograph of 3 years old of of head of volt cadaver beach small refugees stuns the world, cameron adjusted a decision accordingly.

Of small refugee stun the world to death

No matter be official or civilian, the wind direction of whole Europe is changing. Hungarian ex-premier Feiluncijiuer just the Buddhist nun accepted a f

ew refugees personally even, let them be in him home pass the night. Emerge in large numbers of European each district gives a large number of volunteers to organize, offer board and lodging to the refugee. The government is contributed to come by the people place of a large number of food, water, clothings, diaper is flooded, the main railway station of Munich must tell the public to did not send a thing to come again.

Refugee support silent overcomes Er

However, there is selfish calculations below each country illicit

However, exasperate with each passing day crisis shows, european refugee answers a mechanism already broken up, can't bear heavy burden. Only in July a month, border land of European each country intercepts and capture 107500 refugees, the amount is amounted to last year the corresponding period 3 times. Hungarian official says, everyday, more than 2000 refugees from Saierweiya cross the boundary illegally is entered Hungarian, enter next do not need visa to be able to pass through freely explain root country. This year, more than 150000 refugees by way of Hungarian enter Europe.

Zolt N Kov Cs of Hungarian government spokesman says, european countermeasure already come to nothing: Do not distinguish the person that gives real need help, true refugee and economic immigrant are jumbly together, what we face is not crisis of a refugee, however an emigrant crisis. Come from a whole world the refugee of more than 100 countries emerges to here, let a person completely cannot be accepted, former and illegal emigrant means became an institution however nowadays.

Make European leader more people is embarrassed is, face the crisis, the international difference of former days emerges afresh, the German

y that is regarded as free Europe core, France, this the Na Weiya country of can (the country such as boreal Europe) received thousands of refugee liberally. And resemble polish, Slovenian, Hungarian such before country of Russia a group of people of same interest, the nation forms diversity of each country of Western Europe of be not a patch on, appear in admitting immigrant not affection does not wish. Hungarian remove the wire that takes bit along border land wearing even with Bulgaria. Viktor Orban of Hungarian prime minister alleges avowedly, european leader should transmit the signal that does not come please to the refugee.

Hungarian bit abatis does not block refugee tide

In August, slovak premier Luobaitefeiqiao agrees to receive 200 Syria refugee, but demarcate receives Christian only. The view one is assured and bold with justice that give out: Slovak is short of mosque

At the beginning of September, the husband of lay mines division in Austria and Czech boundary receives police on a train below 200 refugees, digital number is tagged on their arm with the pen. This action causes human rights and Judaic organization attack, say this your person couplet remembers the thorn word of convict of concentration camp of Ao Siwei laborious. Official explanation says major refugee both neither can say English also won't say Czech, this is to let their family person do not come wander away most the method of forthright. The explanation puts in an explanation 's charge, the government with correct politics of deep know well is returned finally is acceptance, nowadays not so did.

Amnesty international organizes European chief inspector to think, these incident prove, europe lacks strategy when answering this crisis: Germany has realised, the refugee is wet cannot evasive, emigrant demand should be answered on the level of complete Europe.

Syrian refugee quality is high, make German favour

Julian expresses chairman of German diplomacy board, in those days, the Dong Deren of tens of thousands of borrows Hungarian, escape toward Germany, this paragraph of memory conduces to Germany facing up to the crisis nowadays. German media recall in those days Dong Deren escapes Hungarian the give special treatment that gets with the Czechoslovakia.

Leonard thinks, mokeer includes the footing of the refugee depends on current situation of German population, economy, suffer German history and nation to make an impact likewise. German birthrate is insufficient, to 2080, german mouth will from now 82 million drop 65.4 million. German big company expresses palpability to need more able-bodied person. This perhaps is not coincidence, germany is aimed at Syrian, and rather than timelily the restriction that other international refugee loosens Dublin to set. Because,this may be, according to U.N. the statistic of advanced refugee commissioner, be in Greek Syrian refugee personally nowadays, unexpectedly the person that is as high as 40% has sufferred campus. There are a lot of people to be able to say English in them, believe to be able to learn German very quickly. Have gone through affliction, set foot on the Syrian refugee of European mainland eventually, show outstanding courage and get used to ability. A lot of people believe, germany will give them the new life.

Hungarian but, school bus sends the refugee

Refugee personally tells you to slant for what should go to Germany

the immigrant that enters Europe to passing a the Balkan peninsula, hungarian it is Europe does not have area of national boundaries Shen Gen (Schengen Zone) main entry point. The random bureau that passes much day, preparation of block of hundreds refugee breakthrough is pedestrian to westing hind, hungarian government eventually bate footing, give discharged. Office of Hungarian prime minister even the unexpectedly announces, the government will send bus repatriate refugee.

The Syrian refugee that is called Mohammed tells a reporter: We are very happy. We can go to Germany. Still the refugee sees organic meeting leave, be opposite instantly Hungarian make frivolous remarks about sb: Hungarian should be driven out of European alliance. Pay is too poor.

Amaide of 28 years old is former it is a lawyer, in September, he carries wife belt mouth, with refugee of thousands of Syria together, flounder comes to railway station of Hungarian Budapest international. They set out from Turkey, cost two weeks to enter Greek, pass through Majidu is arrived at Hungarian. The crowd exclaims in the in chorus in the station Germany, Germany. A Maide takes out a train ticket, terminus shows for Munich: I want to be in to be able to bring safe, freedom to me, can offer prospective country to family person. (the article is integrated " news weekly " , " associated morning paper " wait)

Relevant news

What cannot deny is, refugee of German take sb in, affirmative meeting constitutes the challenge of many sided to this locality society, can accommodating how many refugee is the issue that must consider. So the refugee when be being swarmed into too much, it is understandable that German eve restores border land to check, cannot assume sth as a matter of course thinks this is to hit mouth oneself. Same, whether had made sufficient preparation to refugee of German take sb in, can deliberate, but think below the situation that does not understand refugee of take sb in is fit of cancer of goddess of Er of gram of silent of German support of the people, love is flush, certain to Germany can cause harm, also be assume sth as a matter of course.

Welcome immigrant and refugee of take sb in, it is the tradition that Germany comes to for years

Look in a lot of compatriots, mokeer opens German entrance door this greatly, allege want have sb in one's care this year 800 thousand and even more Syrian refugees, it is the head gives out heat at all, not little even person feels she is by American flicker be lame. Little imagine welcomes immigrant and refugee of take sb in, it is the tradition that Germany comes to for years, germany also is the country with Dublin refugee best convention is carried out in the European Union. Emigrant amount reachs the foreign country that lived inside heart territory 2014 10.9 million, achieve historical record, german churchyard has one person to contain emigrant setting among every 5 people, in these immigrant, 1 million above are changed from the refugee namely come over. 2014, germany was accepted amount to the 200 thousand refugee that comes from Syria, be admired extensively by international society. On the international refugee day this year, german president Gao Ke still alleges, what to do to amount to the global refugee of 60 million, it is German responsibility.

So, germany welcomes the refugee this, not be the head gives out heat, it is to have social base for certain, prepare somewhat.

Germany also has self-confidence to be able to let the refugee blend in

And, germany leaves the preparation that the refugee makes to closing, also not be things, have perfect legal system not only, also have concrete step. Germany set 2005, the foreign immigrant with all defective German must attend German be in harmony to join study class, counterpoise those who endanger oneself habitat otherwise. Whole study restricts 650 class hour, and the person that takes an exam to have 50% only finally can be passed. The refugee wants immigrant to go to Germany, also want to pass these measure of course.

Germany still has a lot of to groom otherly to emigrant refugee course, in German federal Ministry of Education grows 10 thousand calories to look, german education grooms the system is efficient, can resist of the crisis, she is confident also to this.

In fact, beidasimanjijinhui in recent years a findings report shows, the case that blends in a society in heart immigrant is good the general understanding at people. This report shows, 90% those who have emigrant background suffer the person that visit to express, the hope develops somewhat on the career. The male of 41% thinks, clear the collective task that room, cooking and filial education all are life spouse. Great majority suffers the person that visit to wish to send next his generation to round-the-clock nursery school and full-time school. This specification emigrates without giving thought to is to come from where belief what religion, great majority accepted German viewpoint of value.

German also had calculated, admit the refugee to be in have profit economically

German welcome the refugee, the mainest reason, be afraid or be in have profit economically, because of Germany the person bears a level not beautiful, want to maintain population and economic vigor, admitting immigrant is must. Then refugee of take sb in makes the turning point that economy rises instead. In whole economy environment not below the circumstance of beautiful, ou Lian adds up to mulberry of division of bank Europe presiding economy to express especially: 2015/2016 year, german GDP hopeful achieves the growth of 0.25% . His reason is German government raised finding a place for the expense of refugee respect. Find a place for a refugee needs in charge of about every year the expense of 12000 euro, mulberry spy says, this will raise the finance pay of 5.4 billion euro in all, occupy about finance is estimated 2015 0.2% . This is equivalent to a small exciting economic policy.

Germany of bank of Italian abundant letter is presiding Reese also expresses economic division, to 2020 Germany is below a large number of emigrant infuse gross domestic product can be pushed 1.7 tall percent, be equivalent to 50 billion euro. The appraise before this measures German government Germany will admit 800 thousand refugee in all this year, can admit every year henceforth again 500 thousand. Reese says: If we assume there is one in every two refugees,the person can find the job inside period of time, so the growth as labour force, german economy growth still must be met taller. This is a good luck for German economy growth in the near future to.

In fact, press German government statistic, at present German home exists 574 thousand position is vacant, the profession with vacant interior of a lot of enterprises cannot find appropriate person selected however. Refugee tide can offer the talented person that has high quality more very much to Germany: For instance personnel of engineer, scholar, professional technology. And, germany needs an engineer not just, also need for instance medical treatment paramedic such blame is tall labour force of record of formal schooling, the hand of these domains is shortage more, suit the refugee very much.

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