Washington oriental cherry shifts to an earlier date 3 months blossom to did not see Bai Xue sees oriental cherry is hanged high only in January

In new network report reported 3 days according to central company on January 4, the oriental cherry tree of American Washington is annual about by March to at the beginning of April bl

oom, do not cross the United States east bank day after day high temperature, urban oriental cherry already too impatient to wait blossoms, form did not see Bai Xue in January, see the picture that oriental cherry hangs high however.

Square of country of American capital Washington (the tree of oriental cherry of on 1000 individual plant near National Mall) , cherry plants not little Jiye to not be able to bear or endure in the center day after day high temperature, blossom one after another, form the wonderful view that oriental cherry bloomed in January, the tourist is become by the accident that admire snow admire cherry.

Ji Yeying blooms, aside tide lake (the oriental cherry tree of Tidal Basin) bank also appears in succession petal, if air temperature house does not fall high, be afraid intolerable also high temperature urges a flower to leave.

Oriental cherry blooms time is taken very hard definitely, according to the statistic of management board of American state park, oriental cherry of China government office will bloom on ave

rage on April 4 about, 2015 bloom period will fall in April 11 to 14 daytime, but shift to an earlier date this year 3 months see oriental cherry is opened.

Activity of hold a memorial ceremony for of oriental cherry of country of 2016 China government office predicts to will come on March 20 undertake between April 17, sponsor an unit to expect to already saw the flower leaves before 3 months hard; In the past 20 old florescence sees first, also get the most quickly at the beginning of March, never see the picture that bloomed in January.

Strange emperor baby year, beautiful east the high temperature that scarce record-breaking appears after the area enters a winter, but the United States western appear however with the south blizzard and low temperature.


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