The United States upgrades horrible and minatory cautionary system is added newly " announcement " cautionary category

Video: The United States will push origin of new horrible and minatory warming system: CCTV news

Washington of China News Service on December 16 report (reporter Zhang Wei like that) Johnson of minister of ministry of American land safety announces 16 days in Washington local time, this branch upgraded formally system of alert of American horror menace (NTAS) , in original upgrade on the foundation of menace and impendent and minatory cautionary category, add category of give up of public give an alarm newly, aim to fear what the United States is faced with raiding menace to deliver the public effectively.

After 9 11 horror makes a surprise attack, american investment uses 5 kinds of cautionary systems, with green, blue, yellow, orange, red representing of 5 kinds of color's different horrible alert level, but be denounced to cause needless psychological panic easily, since 2011 the United States abolishs this system, use active horrible and minatory cautionary system.

How did land say that day entirely, show some upgrading menace and impendent and minatory alert need to build browbeat in specific, authentic horror on the foundation, never had enabled in reality. Deliver the public for effectively will current horrible menace, land installs a

ll decision to add announcement alert category newly on existing category foundation.

Johnson says, announcement fears exposure United States raiding minatory overall trend and newest tendercy currently, share main experience to fear information with American public, of all kinds partner and interest related side, with respect to the public fear hard offerring a proposal instead.

Land safety ministry is curule express with day, announcement alert can pass news media and gregarious network to release, this is not in the light of some kind of specific and authentic menace, however one aims to let American know the careful step that fears raiding a situation currently more.

After new category is carried out, how did land issue the first announcement that day entirely, state horrible organization uses Internet increa

singly to undertake recruit and incendiary activity, the United States worries about ego extreme to change an element to may launch assault inside very short time, the public should report any doubtful or minatory activities in time to authorities.

How does land still express entirely, if this branch mastered the enough information that browbeats about specific, authentic horror, think to be necessary to adopt protection to step will prevent or reduce assault, will give out upgrade menace or impendent menace are cautionary, the information such as the protection step that the means of the property that includes raid, situation, traffic, crucial infrastructure that may be atttacked, individual or community need take.


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