The scientist needs common binoculars only through black hole of visible light observation first

According to news of network of official of Japanese Kyoto university, the group of an international scientific research that Japanese scientist participates in is in " natural " the paper is published to say on the magazine, can pass the visible light that gas releases all round its is right during the black hole is active the black hole has observation, and this needs one entablature way only 20 centimeters common binoculars.

We know now, through optical ray namely visible light can have observation to the bla

ck hole, and do not need to depend on ray of high frequency X and gamma ray telescopic. Kyoto college graduate student, paper truth of village of wood of the first author child say. This group is in observation arrived in June 2015 the visible light that when Cygnus V404 black hole erupts, releases.

Cygnus V404 is considered as to be apart from one of black holes with the closest earth, it has an a bit younger than the sun companion star, because this is system of double star of a black hol

e. Every cross system of black hole double star a few years to be able to erupt, its reason is a black hole the corporeal tear down that the tremendous and tensile action that to its accompanion brings to bear on can accompany his star catalogue face comes. And the black hole is sucked by commonly indigestion dish surround, the material of these tear down is met finally with helix condition by inspiratory black hole, should suck accumulate dish of internal temperature to achieve 10 million Er when article is taller even, can produce X ray, because this scientist passes X ray commonly,have observation to the black hole.

On June 15, 2015, bureau of American country aerospace (aerospace binoculars observation went to the Siweifute of NASA) the first signal that after Cygnus V404 becomes silent 26 years, erupts. Japanese scientist immediately started the operation that uses optical binoculars to have observation to this one black hole inside global limits. Ground of unprecedented of group of this scientific research obtained the data that erupts about system of double star of Cygnus V404 black hole in great quantities, the heavy complex wave that monitored the optical ray that time scale goes to a few hours from a few minutes and X ray uses pattern. Analytic discovery, these optical ray and suck indigestion dish most the X ray that inside releases is concerned: XRay enlightens and heated to suck indigestion dish exterior area, make this one area releases the optical ray with person visible eye.

Gandhi of Shake of university astronomer wave says the Anpudu austral England, although be mixed by interstellar gas dust place cover, this black hole is in material by be involved in when extremely bright. If do not have the keep out of this level gauze, cygnus V404 may be at that time in the macroscopical galaxy below dark sky the most distant celestial bodies.


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