Super evil bacterium or already appeared " final antibiotic line of defence " invalid to its

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Hong Kong " civil report " will report on December 23, the mankind depends on antibiotic undergo surgery and remedial disease, but anxious all the time and undeserved use antibiotic can invite medical group bacterial occurrence resistance to the action of a drug, make without medicine but the super bacterium of cure. British near future has 12 people to affect salmonella and coliform organisms, after bacterial classics detects, all

confirm contain MCR-1 gene, final to be being called the element of much slime mould of a antibiotic line of defence (Colistin) produces resistance to the action of a drug, authorities more discovery flower is state-owned and least discovery of example of 15 pig farm is congener evil bacterium, the likelihood indicates super bacterium nightmare is about to become reality.

According to the report, disable when other antibiotic usually, the prescription that the doctor can open element of much slime mould comes cure patient, however the MCR-1 that multilateral scientist studies to will discover in China in November, ended the myth of element of much slime mould. England Public Health Service (PHE) reachs Weiersi in England ever since 3 pig farm are draw-out 24 thousand example, among them the evil bact

erium that 15 example discovery contains MCR-1. Meeting and the bacterium with other drug-fast area combine scientist worry MCR-1, evolve into the super bacterium that can control without medicine.

Antibiotic abuses issue part reason to also depend on stock raising. According to the report, stock raising is increase domestic animals volume, often use element of much slime mould in great quantities, your bacterium produces resistance to the action of a drug. Authorities of requirement of Davis of official of presiding medical treatment adopts England as soon as possible measure, reduce stock raising to use antibiotic. Bright hurried asks cloth of chief inspector of British antibiotic research center the public uses market power, out of service of requirement business circles ever noted the flesh that shoots antibiotic kind.

Braun also says at the same time, case of antibiotic of abuse of middle east area is severe, admonitory refugee tide is likely aggravate 2016 super bacterium epidemic situation of Europe, in the center with wholesome system flimsier Italy reachs Greek and highest high, middle east and India erupt possibly also epidemic disease disease. PHE expresses, show amount of level MCR-1 example very little, the bacterium that depend on also can try to eliminate through be being thoroughlied cook thoroughly, very low to human risk, but can censorial a got-up affair develops.

(original title: Super evil bacterium or already appeared final antibiotic line of defence is invalid to its)


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