One law book " holy battle " element and Paris fear raiding about be shot dead in appraise

According to France " Feijialuo signs up for " will report on December 30, american army is stationed in Bagdad spokesman Shidifuwolun (Steve Warren) announces, in making a surprise attack when the U.S. Army will initiate at Syria on December 24 without man-machine, or shot dead name and one Paris to fear raiding concerned Mohammedan country to organize law book member Chalafeimuadan (Charaffe El-Mouadan) .

According to the report, mu Adan is Paris will fear raiding chief instigator on November 13 Abodulehamideabawu heart. Was born in Parisian suburb 1989, parents all is a Moroccan. Mu Adan and two friends get in touch through network and holy battle organization. In October 2012, he ever headed for Yemen or Afghanistan together with afore-mentioned 2 people because of preparation and be arrested. Mu Adan plans to prepare a travel at that time, ever was in Paris study of club of a motion shoots 18 areas. He has militarization to equip, and loan 20 thousand euro (add up to a RMB about one hundred and forty-one thousand seven hundred yuan) in order to goes out row.

It is reported, september 2013, mu Adan or Ceng Li open France, way Turkey, the fort

ified point that reachs IS to be located in Syria plays card, with assemble of additionally 3 terrorist.


Shidifuwolun expresses, mu Adan prepares actively all the time to launch other assault in the west. Wo Lun earlies childhood, in the attack that will launch with Iraq at Syria in December in the League of Nations that turn over IS, already ten IS controller is shot to kill.


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