Old horse airport says 3 planes are defaulted stop opportunity cost to put an advertisement seek plane owner of lost property

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In report will report new net integratedly on December 12, international Airport of Malaysia kuala lumpur carries ad on newspaper before this, the opportunity that represents the 3 Boeing plane that stops in this airport advocate disappear, requirement their claim. A few days ago, a burgeoning and airborne company shows Malaysia, this company has bought these 3 next planes legally, cannot find plane host to airport respect this one view feels astonish.

The ad that kuala lumpur International Airport carries the basis before this, the 3 Boeing plane that stops in this airport is defaulted stop opportunity cost, authorities do not go up because of contact machine advocate and find a person

in the newspaper.

The 3 Boeing plane that International Airport of Malaysia kuala lumpur puts an advertisement to be in this airport for park before this seeks owner of lost property.

Be aimed at this one view of airport respect, the Swift that headquarters is located in Malaysia is airborne CEO Pitesen (Blue Peterson) expresses, its company is in this year June once upon a time machine advocate next planes are bought in the hand, and had contacted a few months with respect to plane matters concerned and authorities of government of kuala lumpur International Airport.

Pi Tesen says: 7 my shut-eye awake, see they are looking for plane host, feel astonish.

Pi Tesen says, although already offerred the opportunity before including a plane advocate the relevant file such as statement, authorities of kuala lumpur International Airport still rejects to admit Swift is airborne all the time own these aircrafts.

The official has not make a response to this related Malaysia airport authorities.

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