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Chinese student studying abroad is chased after exposure of detail of the shoot dead after end: The suspect already was arrested (graph)

Reference news net reported on January 18 16 days afternoon, tian Pi city produces Arizona city to chase after trailing car disaster together, of car be bumpinged into drive person, the Davis that female student studying abroad of a China is suspected of 32 years old of cause trouble subsequently (Holly Davis) shoot dead dies. . .

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Exposure of picture of picture of scene of picture of data of woman of United States of student studying abroad of shoot dead China

Just go this Saturday, american Arizona city produces traffic accident tragic one case, female student studying abroad of a China after two cars barge against dies by shoot dead of a woman. Cut of news of place of Holly Davis of suspect of shoot dead case pursues

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After female student studying abroad of 19 years old of China traces remaining part by American woman, be died by its pop (graph)

Chinese female student studying abroad of 19 years old is in meet with cause trouble driver is successive after pop, because the condition of an injury is overweight,die in the hospital.

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3 American or meet with in Bagdad " commando " staking beautiful Yi is searched with all one's strength

According to TV station of Arabia of Arabia news channel (Al Arabiya)1 month 17 days of messages, 3 American are in Iraqi capital Bagdad or kidnap by commando. To this, express in the American embassy of Bagdad, . . .

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Afghan happening horror assaults incident to already caused casualties of nearly 30 people

The message weighed broadcasting station of French international broadcast on January 17, according to Afp report, afghanistan produced horrible explosion event on January 17 local time. In this country case of Nan of the eastpart part breaths out Er to save metropolis the suicidal type bomb of city happening assaults Gulalabade, at present already. . .

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Japanese adult is sacral body of bare of spot picture everybody carries shrine enters the sea (group plan)

Local time on January 17, lustre city holds Japanese cane wintry day adult is sacral activity, everybody is bare the body is carrying float shrine is irruptive in the sea. This year activity is to celebrate grown ceremony of the youth, 2 it is to pray restful health.

2016-01-18 08:59 origin: ? Travel hill?
Exceed dazzle cruel! Intel performs lamplight show to defeat Jinisi to record with unmanned aircraft

Round-the-world and unmanned aircraft reports according to website of American science and technology Engadget 1 reports 11 days month integratedly, intel says firstly the activity breaks auspicious Nisi world record, namely one person control undertakes without man-machine lamplight is performed, be the world without man-machine amount most.

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Solid pat bomb shelter of underground of British World War II to be about to open can hold 8000 much people

During World War II, the Englishman once was in many meters of 30 place of London underground to build a tremendous bomb shelter, use protection 8000 much people avoid air attack, recently, this bomb shelter is about to open to the outside world, dimensions shakes.

2016-01-17 19:50 origin: ? Lv alarm leisurely?
Outside intermediary: IS hijacks more than 400 civilian to make hostage in Syrian the eastpart part

Reported on January 17 according to Afp, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) hijacks more than 400 civilian to serve as hostage in Syrian the eastpart part. (Zhou Ji of reporter of round-the-world network coverage crystals clear)

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France will build a website to compare a bank publicly to collect fees raise diaphaneity

17 days of messages, michelle of French money senior minister - Sa Pan Yi builds website of a government via the plan, open retailer bank is right of the client collect fees circumstance. " the Parisian " (coverage of Le Parisien) media, this plan will at announce, . . .

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Much place suffers Malaysia kuala lumpur fear raiding minatory police to raise guard

Kuala lumpur of China News Service on January 17 report Malaysia capital kuala lumpur the menace that many flourishing areas were assaulted recently by horror, malaysia police already elevated cautionary level in the round. Head of a department of division of Malaysia federal directly under the jurisdiction of east aunt Annam is in 17 days auspicious. . .

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Iran announces to buy future of plane of passenger of 114 built on stilts to have gianter buy a plan

Reported on January 17 according to company of American Peng rich, before the punish that is aimed at Iran removes, iranian highway and urban progress minister announce will buy 114 planes to empty customer firm. Message of divulge of official of a faceless Iran says, this second buy plane general. . .

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Laiangnaduo hopes to act general Beijing part infatuate Yueluosi the history

In report occupied new network on January 17 coverage of Russia satellite network, hollywood star Laiangnaduodikapuliao is in Germany " weekday world signs up for " (in interviewing, express of Welt Am Sonntag) , the hope gives the role of Beijing of general of president performing Russia. When. . .

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Haze is treated to be restricted to go in Indian new moral character tail gas is polluted less still exist

Indian government 18 days to sit a meeting, evaluate capital Xin Deli the treating that only even numbers of car of first-run illicit home is restricted to go corrupt the effect, consider whether formal open to be restricted to go measure. After all car end date is restricted to go whether feasible, be restricted to go to have after all to treating haze how old effectiveness ask. . .

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The United States rests closely root state city nots limits of supply of Lin Te fountainhead provides 100 thousand population

The United States rests closely root city nots Lin Te city is a small town that has 100 thousand population, because of persistent drinking water safety the crisis already was announced to enter urgent state. As we have learned, because economy is low,confuse, government to reduce expenditure, 2014 not. . .

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Afghan the eastpart part produces suicidal type explosion to assault at least 11 people to die 13 injuries

The intermediary outside occupying reported on January 17, explosion of type of province happening suicide assaults the Jiahaer austral Afghan the eastpart part, cause death of at least 11 people, 13 people are injured. According to report of TV station of Iranian English news, explosive happening is in south Jiahaer saves metropolis Gulalaba. . .

2016-01-17 16:09 origin: ? Blame Nao?
The United States nots Lin Te fountainhead pollutes Aobama to announce to take urgent position by lead

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the United States rests closely root state city nots Lin Te fountainhead is polluted by lead, the circumstance did not see improve.

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21 years of Japan hold shake of slope god earth blessing of pray of activity of mourn over a person's death

In new network on January 17 report According to day intermediary report, january 17 is shake of earth of Japanese slope god 21 anniversary day, this earthquake that happened 1995 causes 6434 people to die in all. This year this day, each district of arms library county holds activity of mourn over a person's death, victim. . .

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Indonesian and affirmatory 4 fear raiding suspect identity to obtain IS international remittance to support

Indonesian police makes public capital Jakarta horror 16 days to raid the identity that hits 7 deads, include suspect of at least 4 assault among them, announce to had arrested 12 experience to fear a suspect at the same time. Additional, indonesian execute the law the branch still was shut 10 much. . .

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Burkina Faso hotel fears raiding the death toll to rise to 29 people 2 Chinese escape from a danger

The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Xinhua News Agency is beautiful on January 16 report Does tile add: of Du Gu message? Da of evil spirit ㄋ of setose thiste  steps on  to chop thunder of

Kong Bo of? of の human skeleton 16 days to announce late, capital tile adds horror of

Du Gu hotel to assault incident to already caused at least 29 people to die, 30 people are injured, have 176 additionally. . .

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