Excessive of Amy of Korea female star hits anaesthetic to drive out: 1Korea must not enter a country inside 0 years

Amy fainted suddenly inside inn of a beautiful shell in September 2012, urgent after sending medical service, be discovered the hold on the body is many dope, meet with sentence 1 year set term of imprisonment, later probation of change the original sentence 8 months, recommit is not gotten inside 2 years by declare, was caught to wrap again in September 2014 unexpectedly break the law use dozen of narcotic, 22 days are managed by Han discrepancy condition certainly an expulsive Korea, because of book of her hold United States, 30 days will fly to Guam. According to Korea law, after driving out comp

ulsively by, korea must not enter a country again inside at least 10 years.

In fact, amy most what person place knows is with Han Tuan the brief amour of rain of mythological Li Min, after parting company with the man frequency spreads negative news, except be pointed to ceaseless male before be consumed on the program friend, 2012 more because the ache after plastic is intolerable,come out, to can use dozen of narcotic at any time, ever was invaded by sex of plastic hospital dean do

not report a case to the security authorities however.


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