Boss of tycoon of American pharmaceutical factory is arrested to ever will fight Ai Yao to rise in price 50 times scold

According to Taiwan central company will report on December 17, american check just expresses, will go up because of be being moved at a heat this year in September medical price 50 times and be scolded by all circles the boss of American pharmaceutical factory of let loose a stream of abuse against sb applies Kelaili, because involve,be in 17 days barratrous arrest.

According to the report, this 32 years old, ceng Ren avoids the CEO of danger fund

handler applies Kelaili (Martin Shkreli) is accused purloin 11 million dollar. Arrest and he treats malaria and infection AIDS by poison (spurt in prices of HIV) medicaments Daraprim has nothing to do.

Inquisitor expresses, the company Retrophin that this barratrous plan returns drag in to managed in the past to a Shikelaili, and 2 avoid danger fund.


ew York east area chief procurator triumphant Bai Si (Robert Capers) expresses, shikelaili is accused be involved in is much case use crammer and beguiling method, the fraud of circumvent investor.


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