Widower of marriage of British same sex is obtained south excuse of telephone call of Australian state governor

[Mou Yanchen of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] BBC (BBC)1 reports 21 days month, had honeymoon in Australia to couple of British same sex recently during, one person misfortune dies from stai

r dropping private parts, send on business south the marriage that Australian city does not admit two people, what a man cannot serve as the dead is near handle funeral for its. At present this state governor already will express regret to this widower.

According to the report, two people marry legally at was in England 2015. But at present south Australian city does not admit same sex marriage. The dead is defended greatly be by mark in dead proof maiden, his marital Ma Ke undertakes remonstrant, the circumstance still has no a change.

" defend a newspaper " say, jieyiweiselier has called Australian state governor south Ma Ke, express to his experience regretful. He says, ma Ke expresses those who feel certain level to did not get respect, he expresses an apology to this. The Er in Wei

Se still expresses, he is already affirmatory will undertake discussion in this city parliament, avoid this kind of incident to happen again.


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