Malic Siri response of government of yellow disturbance of experience of be involved in says or be systematic issue again

Apple again Huang Fengbo of experience of be involved in. The near future has a

n user to discover, say to send piece of picture to malic Siri, can automatic search gives indelicate picture. Nevertheless yesterday, reporter discovery, the apple already was sealed stemmed Bug of this one system.

These two days, mad on small gain pass, should use function of speech pilot Siri to say to send Zhang Zhao a short while to IPhone or IPad, the meeting on IPhone or IPad shows 6 pieces of pictures automatically, and it is the experience yellow photograph with indelicate content. This one information causes taller attention on the net, many people undertake trying, uploaded oneself to search the indelicate picture that give.

To this one problem, the explanation that malic government customer service gives out is, issue speech statement to Siri, siri can use system of malic mobile phone to search pertinent information from the search function of the belt, indelicate picture is searched so automatically probably namely come out. Malic respect admits, the basis sends the statement of piece of photograph, the search gives indelicate picture, the likelihood is systematic Bug, express to be able to give as soon as possible processing.

Yesterday, the reporter had a test, when saying to send piece of picture to Siri, occurrence clew is less than to search on the net send piece of material that concern; And when saying a photograph to Siri, can open the picture library of this machine automatically. It seems that, this flaw already got sealing b

locking up.

Network technology personage expresses, send piece of picture command of this one speech, the semantics with yellow without experience itself perhaps is alluded, and acquiescent search gives indelicate picture, can say the problem that is existence of IOS system itself really. Nevertheless, siri itself won't make a picture, can search come out, showing these pictures exist on the network originally, show content of a few networks is offerred perhaps just search engine inside to allow a canal to accuse to go up not quite strict.

Actually, this is not malic Siri first time experience is yellow. Public report shows, in October 2012, the netizen says Siri can be offerred 3 accompany spatial information, investigate discovery, search with Siri 3 accompany wait for information, can find the place with a few yellow experience really. Very fast, malic company will 3 accompany wait for sensitive information to include screen range, in addition, malic company still shows, screen limits is divided 3 outside accompanying Huang Xin waiting for experience to cease, still include to involve the force information that violates Chinese law.

(original title: Malic Siri again experience is yellow)


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