Iraqi capital explosion is sent 23 dead 59 injuries IS announced to make raid

Official of electric Iraq Home Office will say Bagdad of Xinhua News Agency 28 days on Febura

ry 28, one market produced capital Bagdad the eastpart part that day explosion makes a surprise attack, cause death of at least 23 people, 59 people to get hurt.

An Iraqi official that does not wish to disclose a full name tells Xinhua News Agency the reporter, the market with the one place concentrated stream of people of Sa Deer city produced division of live in a compact community of group of leaf of assorted of Bagdad the eastpart part twice early or late that day explosion makes a surprise attack. Charger detonated above all of dynamite and beforehand park the autocycle around the market, after explosive place collecting with the people in soldier of secure armed forces, a charger detonated the dynamite that goes up personally again in the crowd.

The extreme organizes Mohammedan country to already made a statement, announced to make this assault event.

This is this year since the 3rd explosion that produces inside Bagdad urban district assaults incident. Before this, two assault that carry out by Mohammedan country ca

use 14 people death, 30 more than person to get hurt in all.

Analytic personage points out, iraqi government army progressively recover by the area with Mohammedan occupational country, mohammedan country implemented a series of retaliation measure accordingly.

Mohammedan country is controlling Iraq at present western with north is big territory, and in many province and Iraq governmental army is intense be at war. Help round statistic according to U.N. Iraq, the violent conflict that Yi churchyard produced 2015 and horrible assault cause death of at least 7515 people, on 10 thousand people are injured.

(original title: Assault of Iraqi capital explosion is sent 23 dead 59 injuries)


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