Day of American passenger blizzard is hit " actor pace " special day price frightens dizzy passenger

After American capital Washington encountered infrequent blizzard makes a surprise attack recently, before through taking a taxi software actors or actress the pace restricts a car, a female goes to the airport, accepted actor condition according to state of market supply and demand real time floating imposes valence requirement, unexpectedly final Zhang sheet is as high as 640 dollars (add up to 4200 RMBs) about, let him within an inch of faint. And the explanation that actor pace company gives out is, collect fees without the problem.

" Washington Post " the website reports 27 days, bangnilibu lives in the Virginia near Washington city Si Teling, airport of nation of the root in 25 days of Washington outside wanting to head for about 48 kilometers s

eizes the opportunity to be away on official business to Denver this month.

Because Washington reachs area of its week border district to just encounter blizzard makes a surprise attack, the car of benefit cloth is buried in half meters many tall firn, and road has not enough time to sweep firn, benefit cloth chooses to make an appointment with a car to head for the airport.

According to the experience of neighbour, the ferial price that li of root nation airport goes before actor pace restricts a car arrives in 50 dollars between 70 dollars. When encountering the taxi demand flourishing such as extreme weather, actor pace executes float to add value strategy normally, libujiao accepts actor pace software OKly to show 4.4 doubly valence asks.

Nevertheless, when installing check through the airport, benefit cloth opens mail with the mobile phone, saw the Zhang sheet that actor pace sends reminds: Her credit card is brushed 640.94 dollars.

My within an inch of faints, benefit cloth says, I feel at that time, this affirmation is incorrect, this affirmation made mistake, too fantastic.

Nevertheless, the answer that actor pace gives out is to do not have a problem. Company spokesman Kaitelinduerkeshen says, what benefit cloth decided when the model chooses in mobile phone software the price is the most expensive is muti_function motile car (SUV) , the course of development that reachs the airport is fiducial valence is 144.76 dollars, is not the X type car of 50 dollars. According to 4.4 doubly price is regular, collecting fees finally is 640 much dollars really.

Duerkeshen says, the price regulation of actor pace aims to encourage more driver to issue start off in the circumstance such as soup, the passenger that will be willing to give high price sends toward destination.

We devote oneself to to be worth to depend on in any moment, duerkeshen says, if do not have dynamic price policy, likely (when soup) be willing to accept the order without the person.

Advantage says when cloth memory, she did not notice the fiducial price of SUV car and other vehicle are different at that time. After this, actor pace company agrees in mail of a reply given she 160 dollars, make car charge this namely 1/4 as take a taxi store value, can use for restricting a car next time.

Benefit cloth says, she is the vermicelli made from bean starch of actor pace, but neighbour still should give 200 dollars when feeling

to become now, let them send them to the airport, oneself still can save below 400 much dollars. She says, oneself can continue to take a taxi with actor pace, should spend that 160 dollars at least store value, but won't make the car that increase price again, this is the most expensive taxi that my this all one's life has called. (Xu Chao Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)


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